Saturday, June 30, 2007

Underground Railroad

Our city just unveiled another work by sculptor David Poulin. The Underground Railroad Tableau consists of three bronze statues The first, Silas Sherman, was a leader of the Underground Railroad line. He hid fugatives and gathered money and supplies for their journey. He also arranged their transportation to the next station.

The nameless runaway slave who embodies all those who passed through Jamestown seeking freedom in Canada.His clothes are torn and his hand is outstretched to those that aid him on his journey.
Catherine Harris,a born-free black woman that operates the central depot for the Underground Railroad. She sheltered 17 slaves at one time, under her roof. She is bringing a blanket to put around the shoulders of the fugitive.
Catherine Harris and Silas Sherman both lived in the area where this tableau is placed. It is in a small park on one of the main city streets. A large portion of our black population live in this area so it is the perfect location.
This tableau has been in the works since 2000. It is absolutely beautiful! Visiting it was a very emotional experience.
Click here to see another bronze statue recently unveiled and here to read more about this local artist.


Tammy said...

I bet Miz Harris brought quilts that had hidden message...or so says the recent speaker I heard that said many quilts were put out with the message stitched in the pattern...facinating stuff!

Patty said...

I heard the same thing about quilts. The pattern and color told secrect messages to the slaves. The people in the underground railroad would hang them outside as a way of communicating. I love the statues, Very interesting post

Carole Burant said...

That is so very interesting and I can imagine how wonderful to see these people come to "life" through these statues!! Just beautiful! xox

OldBagNewTricks said...

What a remarkable display of bronze statues... amazing. I too heard that quilts were used as sort of road signs. A cast bronze quilt -- so beautiful.


Dawn said...

I just saw this yesterday when driving through town..
Interesting post, Jean.