Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food for Thought

Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.
~Lindley Karstens,
I appreciate the misunderstanding I have had with Nature over my perennial border. I think it is a flower garden; she thinks it is a meadow lacking grass, and tries to correct the error.
~Sara Stein, My Weeds, 1988

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show and Tell

Today my Show and Tell is a quick and easy piece of garden, home or deck art.I found this old beat up frame in the basement of a household sale for 1 dollar.

All I did to the frame was wash it. I couldn't find a plant holder I liked with a flat back so I cut a basket I had with a rust tin cover in two just behind the handle. Then I cut a nursery square pot to fit the basket. I added moss inside to help keep the dirt in. A couple nails and a rust cup hook and you're done.

You can use any style frame depending on the style of your home or deck.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beautiful Surprise!

For some reason, even with all my gardens, I don't see many butterflies. Imagine my surprise, while replacing the pump in my fountain, I caught something out of the corner of my eye.A gorgeous butterfly had landed on my knockout rose bush not 2 feet from me. Of course, I didn't have my camera. I went to get it expecting the butterfly to be gone when I returned.
I couldn't believe it was still there! I took lots of pictures and went back to work on the fountain.
It was still there when I finished.
I haven't had time to research it and find out what kind it is but I'm sure one or more of you can tell me.
I just know it was a wonderful surprise and I hope it is here to stay for awhile!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome to my western New York garden!First, I'd like to show one of my neighbor's blooms. It is a Peruvian daffodil. Her husband bought the bulbs at Walmart. This is the only one blooming so far. Isn't it beautiful? I love the yellow green center.

I don't know the name of this Iris. I got it free with a catalog order years ago.

They have really multiplied in the last couple years. They are only about 4 or 5 inches tall.

This azalea was here in bad shape when I bought the house. I love the double flowers and the coral color with the bright green leaves.

My pink phlox is doing a little 'creeping'.

I also have some wild phlox. These are growing in my wild garden so I just let them be.

The conditions must be just right for the thrift. It's blooming better than ever.
The coral bells in the shady garden are also blooming now. I don't see any sign of blooms on the burgundy ones yet.

This is the one bloom on my peony tree. I checked it in the morning and the sun was too bright to take a picture. We had 80+ temps that day and this is what it looked like by night. It really was beautiful. It's just not supposed to be that hot in spring! Another pic of some of the money plant. Some plants are still in flower but this one is already making seed pods.

Lastly, my clematis first bloom is gorgeous! The second blooming isn't usually as pretty.

I cut this way back last year because it was so tangled. Sure didn't seem to hurt it any.

That's all I have for today. I'm anxious to see what else is blooming around the country.

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Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show and Tell

Today I'm going to show you what I did with my 3 dollar rocking chair. First I washed it, then rubbed it down with lemon oil because it was very dry. Then I added a coat of polyurethane. This chair was not in good enough shape to be restored. The seat was gone and so were some of the rungs. It also had large screws holding it together. I added a dragonfly to the back and a flower pot filled with sweet potato vine, pink and green coleus and a wave petunia to the hole in the seat.
I stuck a rusty garden trowel in the pot
and laid a rusty garden fork on the seat.
Then I got out a watering can I bought a couple years ago at a sale and added that.
There you have it, my 3 dollar lawn art. I've been giving people a hard time by telling them they noticed my cheap junk chair and not the new sidewalk that cost a $1,000!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now That's a Garden!

Click on the pictures to enlarge and read about this fantastic 'garden'.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Thanks to all the new gardeners we are getting every week and to all the faithful that have been posting week after week!Luckily I still have plenty of blooms in spite of the very heavy frost we had last night. I wanted to show you the Bergengia from last week again so you could see how tall the flower stalks have grown.
This lilac is my neighbors and I love the dark color. This lilac does not have the wonderful lilac scent but I only get to look at it anyway so it doesn't matter to me.
A couple of my allium have bloomed this season. They didn't do well at all last year.
The bloom on my peony tree is a beautiful pink.
Even the holly bush is in bloom! I love it when there are still berries when it blooms.
The azalea out front is at it's peak right now. Lilies of the valley and gout weed are planted under it and the scent is amazing.
Clumps of bachelor buttons are every where. I just pull them out where I don't want them.
Old fashion light purple bearded iris.
Columbine and iris against the neighbors garage.
The clematis on the ladder is just beginning. Should be stunning next week.
Last but certainly not least, my favorite, Solomon Seal. I love everything about it.
Close up of the beautiful green edged blooms.
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Jerzie just loves to do puzzles. We started with easy ones and now I've gotten a few harder ones. We do them every time she's here. These 2 were new last week and we only did them once or twice, She did this one all by herself today!She turned them over and separated the edge pieces like I taught her. I talked to her about the colors that would be in the next piece and that was all the help she had.
I love the look of satisfaction on her face and her hands curled under her chin.
Looks like we have another thumb sucker in the family!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Food for Thought

One reason why a dog is such a lovable creature is that his tail wags instead of his tongue.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Show and Tell

Many of you have seen this fountain I have had in a small garden for several years now. I wrote a post about it being published in the Birds and Blooms magazine here. The large pot was in pretty bad shape so I decided to try something new this year. I still used some pieces from my enamelware collection but this one is a simpler build.

The basic construction is the same. The small pot is on a rock to tilt it and the cup is sitting on an enamel plate. You can see the post on construction here.

It adds a fun piece to the garden and gives the critters some water to drink on a hot day.

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