Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recycled Bathroom

 I haven't blogged in a long time (darn that face book!) but thought you might like to see my recycled bathroom. 
 I changed out my newer medicine cabinet for an old painted one.  It has beveled glass, a glass knob and chippy paint.  All I did was smooth sand a little and scrub.   Behind the kids chair/stool is a small galvanized bucket for a waste basket.  I had the cupboard on the left made so it would fit the space.
 I used this large handle for a towel holder.  Just drilled screw holes and hang.
 Perfect fit!
I decorated with canning jars and my flower frog collection.
 This piece was green so I crackle painted it a cream shade.  The blue metal box was in my stash from household sales.
 This toilet paper holder was a harness hook.  My son-in-law took it to work and bent it (It was a long hook that came straight out) so it would hold the paper.
 I put backing on a kitchen towel to make a shade and found these adorable canning jar light covers I had to have!  The swag is just some grape vines I bundled together.
 An old grain scoop
A drawer full of flower frogs 
This cupboard was wood with a solid door. I busted out the center and added wire. I layered leftover paint in shades of cream until I liked it. Then stained and added vintage drawer pulls.
 I have a couple old hair dryers in my beauty shop but couldn't resist this aqua one, or the aqua faced alarm clock.
 The figures on the bottom shelf are part of my Shawnee Pottery collection.
Repainted tissue holder topped with 2 more flower frogs.
I love that I found everything except the paint and the new cabinet at household sales and flea markets.  I just dug thru my stash and found new uses.  Rewarding and sooo much fun!