Friday, February 29, 2008

Show and Tell

Do you remember this drawer I bought last summer for a dollar?And this watercolor picture that I found in an old scrapbook?
And this cute little bird I found while junkin'?
Well, I put them all together, with some other odds and ends I had and made this.
(click on the pictures to enlarge)

My daughter gave me this nest on the branches last year for Christmas and I found the vintage plastic birds in a bag of other junk at a flea market.

This post was a candle holder, so I took the rusty tin candle cup off the top and glued the bird on.
Some old buttons, jute, and white peacock feathers I got from a friend's yard, that had several white peacocks. It's hard to see but the dark colored button is metal and has a crane on it.
I tried hanging it but I liked it best on my mantle. I've never tried anything quite like this before. I'm quite happy with the results and I guess that's all that matters since I made it for myself. I got ideas from all over blogland and just put them together.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008


to Jerzie? If you would like to see more pictures and read about Jerzie and her Mommy and Daddy, I now have a link to their photo album on my side bar under Family. Jerzie enjoying Gramma's spaghetti
This is a great site to post pictures and journal about your family. You can also leave a comment for Jerzie which will be available for her to read when she grows up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We've had about 8 inches of snow yesterday. It was great snowman snow and really beautiful but heavy to shovel. More on the way!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eclair Cake

This is an easy, delicious desert. I've never had anyone say they didn't like it. Can you tell that Jerzie liked it?Bring to a boil
1 cup of water
1 stick margarine
Remove from heat and add
1 cup flour
Stir and cool slightly.
Add 4 eggs, one at a time, beating well.(Just like making cream puffs)
Spread into a 9x13 pan, pushing batter onto sides of pan
Bake at 400 for 30 minutes.
It will look like this when it comes out of the oven. While still warm flatten the middle (I use a wooden spoon)
Cool completely.
I have carefully removed the shell at this point and put it on a tray for a fancier look.
Prepare 2 packages of vanilla instant pudding, as instructions state.
Beat in an 8oz. package of softened cream cheese.
Beat thoroughly.

Pour over shell. Let stand in refrigerator at least 10 minutes.

Top with an 8oz. Cool Whip.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup. Keep refrigerated.

Give this a try and I bet you'll love it! Can easily reduce calories by using sugar free and low fat ingredients.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jerzie here!

Hi! It's Monday so I'm spending the day with Gramma and I have something to show you.Can you see anything different about me? I know, I'm wearing the same sweater as last week but I really like this sweater and it's nice and warm.
Yes, Gramma did give me a different hair do this week but that's not it.
I do like the little side braid and I love having a barrette in my hair.Can you see what it is now? I got my ears pierced on Saturday!! My Mommy and Daddy finally had enough courage to take me to have it done. I really think that it hurt them more than me! I cried for a minute but as soon as they gave me a sucker I stopped. ( Don't tell them but I knew they'd give me one if I cried a little!)
Aunt Laurie took this picture on Saturday. You can really see how beautiful my ears look now in this picture.
We're going to stay at Gramma's for dinner tonight. She's making spaghetti and meatballs. It sure smells good! She's going to make Eclair Cake too and she said to tell you she'll give you the recipe tomorrow.
Gotta go! It's time for my morning nap.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time stood still!

This is so cool! I wish I had been there to see this!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Show and Tell

I did a post about this last year but thought it would be fun for Show and Tell.I know the cover looks kind of gross but the inside is in perfect condition.
This is my Mom's baby book.
My Mom was named Anne Louise at birth but her name was changed at some point to Emeline Louise, which was shortened to Emmy Lou. She was born in December, 1922.
I love all the old graphics.She didn't have her first bath until she was 3 1/2 months old.One of her first toys was a roly poly rattle.
A piece of her hair and the ribbon that held it.Her Aunt Cecil bought her first shoes.
Her first trip was to the small town about 20 minutes away (now) where her Grandmother lived, on December 23.
I can't believe this book is in such good shape after all these years.
She took her first steps at 13 1/2 months. She was baptised in June as Emeline Louise. I love the Christmas graphic!
I was really excited to discover this amoung my Mom's things.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You're out of here!

Since I'm tired of winter already this year, I'm also getting tired of my snowmen. I just dread taking them all down. I got excited about the things I bought for display so decided to take the snowmen down a little at a time. The ones in the kitchen cupboard were the first to go.I got out the stuff I had in there before and then decided to get out some of my canning jar collection and some graniteware coffee pots.
Then I just put in a little of each.
I'm happy with it for now. I can always change it again!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A little junkin'

I did a little junking this week. The household sales haven't started up again so I had to go to an indoor flea market and an antique mall to get my fix!I got this cute bird at the flea market. I have a project in mind for it but I can't find the supplies I need in town. I sure wish we had a decent craft store.
I found this Fiesta gravy boat at the antique mall. It's in good shape except for a couple small chips around the bottom. It was only $5.00. I'll probably just display it in the glass fronted cupboard once the snowmen are out of there.I also got these 2 small bowls. I had seen them before and didn't get them. I'll probably display them too. I was afraid if I didn't buy them I'd decide I needed them and they would be gone.
Hopefully the sales will start up soon. Not that I need anything but there is not much else going on this time of year. What do you do to fight the winter blahs?

Monday, February 18, 2008


I had braids from before kindergarten thru 6th grade.This is my first school picture.Naturally, I had to see if I could braid Jerzie's hair. She was really good about sitting in my beauty shop chair .
I think she looks pretty cute. What do you think?
They didn't hold up too well thru 2 naps and Jerzie's need to feel her hair when she sucks her thumb.
Won't be long before she has long braids like Gramma used to have!
Check out the new pictures I added to my slide show on the side bar.Thanks, Mommy for the bathroom shots!