Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

The snow left us in a couple days last week but we have still had cool sunny days and frosty nights.  There is still some bloomin' goinin' on in my garden.

 I planted Myrtle around the huge maple trees out front and it's gotten nice and full.  It will bloom most of the summer.
I added the garden on the left side of my yard 2 years ago but did lots of adding last year.  The Creeping Phlox was  blooming when the snow came and just kept on after it left
I like this combo of the purple grape hycinth and the orange tulips.  Never ever thought about it when I planted the tulips.

I have pretty blue forget-me-knot volunteers in every garden.  They add a lot of color in the spring and after blooming I just pull them out.  These are in the gravel pathway to the back of the house.

 There is not much left of the shoes but the Hens and Chicks don't seem to mind. I don't want to disturb them so I quess I'll leave them for now until I find somewhere better for them to live.
That's what my garden is looking like this last day of April in Western New York.  I'd love to see what's going on in yours!  Add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this page on your post and I'll be around to see you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 I've had this Barrenwort, Epimedium grandiflorum,'Lilafee' for several years.  It's a nice spring shade plant so I've been looking for more.
 I finally found this one called 'Rose Queen' last year.  According to the tag the blooms are supposed to have white 'spurs'.  I haven't seen any white but I love them anyway.
 Barrenwort only grows to about 12 inches so I'm thinking of moving them to the front shade garden where they will be enjoyed more.  The foliage had a burgundy tint so the plant adds some interesting color to the garden.
White Tulip

                                  No, that's not flowering tree blossoms blowing in the breeze!
Red Tulip
                                                                        Azalea Bush
Grape Hyacinth.
We are supposed to get about 10 inches of snow by Tuesday a.m. I have no idea what will happen to my gardens but there is no way I could cover them all so I'm just taking a chance. We've never had snow this late in the growing season because our spring came so early.  If I loose plants
I'll just have to buy more!
If your spring garden isn't buried under snow, we'd love to see it!  Add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this post on your blog.

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!


We have finally gotten some much needed rain and warmer temps. The lawns and plants never lost their green because of the mild winter so they are really pretty now.

This is a view of the prim roses along the path in the shade garden. The topper is a view from the end of the path.

The money plant is in bloom. This is planted in a wild area on the side of my house because it is so invasive. I love having it for arrangements in the fall. It's only a few feet on a hill so I just planted the whole area so I didn't need to mow.

I love Fritillary lilies and I definitely need some more. I thought they would spread faster.

This plant is right next to the other one but it's still in bud. Looks like 3 more blooms coming.

The lilies are in this bed, with some Allium, in the lower left. There are a few tulips blooming in front of my tree peony.

A few more tulips bloomin' in the large 'wild' garden behind the last pic. I don't have much luck with tulips. Only a couple come up in every clump I plant. Maybe I need to dig up the bloomers and plant them all together.

The white Trillium is blooming. They are so beautiful when you come upon them growing wild in the woods. I have tried to make my back shade garden to resemble the woods.

I'm sitting on my deck listening to the birds sing. It's a beautiful, sunny 70 degree morning with a nice breeze. It's supposed to be high in the 40's tomorrow!
I'm anxious to see what kind of spring weather you are having. To join our spring tour, just add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky below. Please remember to add a link to this post on your blog. If you would like more info or a different button, click on the Bloomin' Tuesday button on my sidebar.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Monday, April 09, 2012

It's Bloominm' Tuesday!


Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I had my post ready and forgot to post!

We've had more cool sunny days and cold frosty nights but that doesn't mean the garden isn't growing.

The shade garden has the most color and growth this week. The white Trillium are almost ready to open

and the Solomon Seal is poking thru. I love this spring plant and once it starts it grows with amazing speed.

Southern Comfort
Heuchera adds color to shady areas all season. They are developing new colors of the interesting , mounding plant all the time to go with any garden color pallet.

Molly Bush
Crimson Curls
I love watching the ferns unfurl! I think they are the most interesting as they grow.
That's what's bloomin' in Western New York this second week of April. I'm looking forward to seeing what is going on in your garden. To join this spring tour just add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this post on your post.

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

Monday, April 02, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!


There's not a whole lot of bloomin' in my gardens this week. We've had cold, sunny days, rain and frosty nights. I had to mow my lawn because the grass was a good 6 inches long.

This Clematis that climbs up my shed on a ladder is full of buds already. It will bloom again if I cut it back after the first bloom.

I love the little violets that pop up all over. They can be invasive but I just pull them out after they bloom.

My day lilies are along this property line behind the daffs. Some of them are up a good 12 inches already. They will eventually fill in this whole border.

I never planted the Siberian Squill but they pop up all over too. I'm happy with any color,any where in the spring.

I can't remember if I found and moved the grape hyacinths I had or bought new ones last year. They seem to like it where they are now. I have several blooms on my Peony Tree this year. I'm afraid I'll loose them if I don't cover them tonight. Another frost warning.

I love these little spring Anemone

I planted a few bulbs years ago and they just keep on spreading. My garden is looking quite blue this week. What color is yours?

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