Saturday, June 23, 2007


A local artist, Dave Poulin, made this life size bronze sculpture for a local school a couple blocks from my home. I just had to go check it out and thought you would enjoy it too.
Click to enlarge to read the book's title.
The sculpture is in a memory garden to honor 3 teachers from the school.
It has taken 3 years to complete the project but in my mind it was certainly worth it!
I'm sure it will be even more beautiful in a few years as it ages and gets a natural patina.
We have other sculptures in our community by Mr. Poulin. I'll have to get some pictures and post the others for you. If you visit his web site you will see that he has these beautiful sculptures all over the country.(click on his name above)


"Early Bird" said...

What a wonderful memorial!
I was just speaking to my Mama the other day and remembering my favorite teacher that read aloud to the class...the "Little House" series...I'll never forget it!

RUTH said...

A truly beautiful sculpture. So fitting for a school. What a wonderful memorial.

Susie said...

I just love this sculpture and the message it conveys. He truly is a gifted artist.
Your new header is so summery! Is it courtesy of Chris? He does such beautiful work!!

Carol said...

What were the teachers being honored for? I do like the sculpture.

Cat said...

Great sculpture! I really like the way it incoporates the bench too.

And - what a sweet granddaughter!

OldBagNewTricks said...

I love these lifelike bronze sculptures -- so lively and charming. Thanks for sharing.

Jean said...

Carol, They have all passed away.

kris said...

Hi Jean - thanks for visiting my blog! I just took a quick trip through yours - very nice. Your gardens are beautiful! The sculpture in this post is wonderful - what a nice memorial to the teachers and for the community. I like your blog design too. I'll be back!!

Sara said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for sharing this sculpure with us. What a fantastic sculpture for the school to have.
Something to be treasured.
Sara from farmingfriends

Captain Lifecruiser said...

Yes it sure is a nice one! I love sculptures like this. Very authentic. It should be more of them all over all places :-)

Come on over and have a look at my Midsummer Flower Power Love:-)