Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

We had some more rain this week but we are not up to the normal amount of rainfall yet.
 This week my Rose of Sharon are all bloomin'.  This double pink is in my middle garden.  The Cone Flowers still look good from afar.  None of my blooms lasted long this year because of the heat.
 There are no babies from this bush, which is too bad because several people would love them.
 This one is at the end of the wild garden.  You can see all the yellow behind it from the
Black Eyed Susan's
 This is my favorite.  I love the dark pink center.

 The last Rose of Sharon is at the end of the day lily border and at the beginning of the shade garden.
 A lovely solid white.
 The orange Crocosmia are looking good mixed with the Black Eyed Susan's in the wild garden.
Can you stand one more Cone Flower?  This one is Green Envy.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

We finally had a couple days of on and off rain and every living thing is happier!
 The Sea Thrift is showing it's pretty blue color against the Black Eyed Susan's that are just getting started in the wild garden.
 At the same time, the Globe Thistle are beginning to turn.  They are quite striking against the dark pink phlox in the middle garden.
Rose of Sharon double pink is the backdrop for the middle garden now.  The purple cone flowers still get all the attention tho.
 I love this soft yellow double Hollyhock.  It isn't very tall, maybe a couple feet, but that doesn't stop it from putting on a beautiful show.
In the sidewalk garden, the Gay Feather are just getting started while the light pink Balloon Flower is in full bloom.  I'm hoping this plant will get a lot fuller.
There is more soft pink in the wash tub that holds my Rain Lilies from my Grandmother's yard in Florida.  I have kept these going for over 20 years by taking them into the basement for the winter.
We are wishing for more ain but are very thankful for what we got.  I'm also pleased with the cooler temps.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

After more hot dry weather we are finally getting some much needed rain.  I think it will need to rain for a week to get the ground where it should be but every little bit helps.
 The trumpet vine is going crazy this year!
 It is full of these bright orange blooms.  The hummingbirds love it and I swear I'm going to get a picture one of these days.  Which ever side I sit on, with camera in hand, they decide to go on the back!
 The perennial Sweet Peas are doing well on the lattice.
 Can you tell what's under this huge mound of Sweet Peas?
 Believe it or not there is an overturned rusty wheelbarrow under that bloomin' mess!
 Most of the Cone Flowers are also bloomin' this week.  I have Mystical White Mist,
 Ruby Star
 Harvest Moon
 Big Sky Sundown
 Big Sky Sunrise
 Double Orange
 Double Pink
and my newest, Big Sky Solar Flare. It is actually darker than it looks in this picture.
That's about all that's bloomin' here in Western New York.  What's bloomin' where you are planted?
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Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Bloomin'Tuesday!

Sorry for missing last week.  Totally forgot all about it until it was too late. 
It has been hot and dry here again.  It's hard to keep up with the garden when it's so hot but the sun did bring out some blooms!
 I have been working in the shade garden when ever I can. One area had been taken over by buttercups so I tried to dig them all out.  I found 2 small astilbe!  This pink one is lovely this year.  I've moved the rest so hopefully they will be better next year.  I think they were getting too much sun.
 The pink and white cone flowers in the middle garden are going strong.  The taller pinks on the other side are false mallow, party girl.
 The bee balm along the back of the wild garden are in full bloom.  I have red and dark pink here and a shorter, light pink in a couple other areas.  I love the bee balm and so do the humming birds.
 The orange double cone flowers are blooming along the side walk garden.  There is some pink phlox opening up too.
 I've been waiting and watching these allium, probably because they are right out front.  They have pointy heads right now. LOL!
 This wicker sleigh filled with sweet potato vine and pink and green petunias sets in front by the door.  I've been looking for these petunias for a couple years and finally got lucky.  The thyme under it is almost a bush!
The yellow loosestrife is almost gone in the wild garden but the pink loosestrife and cone flowers are just getting started.
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