Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Sweeties!

Christmas morning.Stockings! Matching Christmas jammies from Gramma on Christmas Eve.
Tiny tea set.
Aunt Lauries light up Micky.
Piles to go.
Jerzie liked all Payton's toysThe doll house was a hit!
Shared gift from Gramma.
What the holidays are all about, great time spent with family!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Last one!

This is our last Vintage Christmas Monday and I want to thank Joan. It has been a lot of fun!

I made this swag with vintage balls last year. It's just a regular green swag with the balls hot glued on. It's a great way to use balls that are defective or broken on one side.

Except for special ornaments, my tree is all vintage ornaments and birds.

I remember my Grandma's tree having birds on it. I don't have hers but have found a few reproductions and vintage ones.

Gramma's tree also had bubble lights that fascinated me when I was young. I also have some of them on my tree. They are all reproductions because I wouldn't dare use vintage on a real tree.

I put this great light up Santa I found at a flee market last summer in my window box on the side of the house. He's perfect out here. He's about 17 inches tall and I put a new cord and bulb in him

The box is lighted and I have a spot light on it also.

I can't do Christmas and especially a vintage Christmas post without including Santa!

My step father won him in a raffle when I was a teen. I'm 60 now so he has to be at least 45. He is about 5 feet tall and his insides are cardboard. The suit is fake velvet and his hair and beard are spun fiberglass. Santa had been hauled around from house to house and even made it thru a fire. He's showing his age but I still put him on my back deck every year. The kids can see him out the kitchen window and I have a spotlight on him so he can be seen from the street.

That's it for Vintage Christmas Monday! To see more great vintage Christmas decor go visit Joan.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Christmas!

I can't believe there is less than a week to Christmas! I'm slowly getting everything done. We're making cookies Sunday but I haven't even started the dreaded wrapping yet! How are you doing?
This is the top of my secretary. It's a favorite piece from my Mom's and I have some Christmas bells from her bell collection and a bead angel she made in it. What I wanted to show you are these figurines. I had seen these priced quite reasonable in the Country House catalog but didn't order them. This summer I found them in a gift shop on clearance, a couple dollars each!
They are designed from vintage Christmas cards. I love them and hope to add a couple more pieces.
I also have two more filled boxes to share. This one is on the wall in the side entry, decorated for the season.
I found this vintage stocking at a sale and had to have it! I decided to use it in a box this year. This box is larger so it sets on the floor next to my lighted pine cone basket.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Jackpot!

Welcome to Vintage Christmas Monday! I found some great pieces at a couple sales this week.

First I found this box of bells. I remember them in corsages. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with them but for $1.50 I had to bring them home!
I also found the gold colored tree topper. I got the other one several years ago. They work well in the glass bowl.

Lastly, I found these bottle brush trees and the snow girl candle holders. I've never seen a tree this tall before so I had to have it.

Aren't these little darlings adorable? I had to pay full price instead of waiting until the next day when the prices go down because I knew someone would snap them up if I didn't. I love them!

I've had these tiny books for a few years. I also got another one with them. I used that one in my Santa themed box.

An heirloom wooden bowl filled with cookie cutters sets on my kitchen counter. I know the red ones are vintage because we had them when I was young and I'm certainly 'vintage'!
To see more vintage Christmas posts, go over and visit Joan.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow day!

We have lots of snow now but last week we just had a couple inches and it was perfect for the girls to play.
Jerzie loved giving Payton a ride in the sled I got...
...and Payton loved it too! She's much more daring than Jerzie was at this age.
Throwing snow at her sister. Of course Gramma got a little of that too!
This is the first year I could get Jerzie to lay in the snow.
She decided making snow angels was a lot of fun.
There's nothing like a snow day with my sweeties!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Canning jars and snowmen

I decided to do something different on top of my kitchen cupboards this year. I have put my village there for several years. You'll need to stop back another day to see where it is now.I started going thru some of the stuff I had and this is what I came up with. Canning jars and snowmen.
My lighted branch and some greens in a green bucket, canning jar filled with icy branches and greens.
Remember you can click on the pictures to enlarge.
A snowman in a jar and vintage tree light boxes.
A tin Santa picture, lights and greens in a jar and snow balls in a jar.
A jar light and prim snowman. I put vintage tree lights around everything. I'm happy with the results, it's a nice change.
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