Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday the last week of June!
Some of my gardens don't have many blooms right now but after finally getting some rain last night I'm sure next week will be beautiful. I decided to show you my backyard this week so you can have an idea of what I'm writing about when I mention my gardens. I took these pics from the second story deck on the back of the house.  My house was built on a hill so in the back the first story is the basement, where my beauty shop is and the covered deck is off the kitchen.
These are the gravel steps that lead to the shop. The 'wild' garden is the length of the steps and ends at my neighbors driveway. The tree on the left is a Rose of Sharon that will bloom later. The dirt past that is a seed garden the girls and I planted for the first time this year, so they can pick the flowers. Remember, I live in the city so there are houses all around but I have managed to have a private back yard. 

A couple shots to show you how 'wild' it is!

This shot shows my shed and the neighbor's garage. The tree by the old wheelbarrow is a curly willow that I started from a branch. The garden on the right of the shed is where the rusty wheelbarrow is covered with sweet peas. On the left is the grape vine climbing the roof and the ladder with the clematis. There is also a Wegalia, an azalea and a lime light hydrangea.

I love this vintage wire heart fencing I found in a basement for 2 dollars. 
Just the right size for the 'garage' garden.
This is the 'middle' garden with the crib for a fence. The tree here is a double pink Rose of Sharon. The hedge in back is to my shoulders and is all across the back property line except where there is another neighbors garage.
Next is the shade garden, behind the metal chairs. The vintage wooden posts mark the entrance and the path comes out behind the middle garden.
This is the property line on the left .This is where I have planted my day lilies which end at yet another Rose of Sharon that is white. The moss garden I'm working on is in front of the neighbors pine tree.
This is on the left of the deck. You can see a park bench with a basket of blooms, some hosta and my oak leaf hydrangea. There is a porch railing behind it.

This is the left side of the house and another 'wild' area. There are a few plants that I don't need but don't want to get rid of. I planted the money plant and Japanese lantern in here because you can't really control them. I do need to do some work in this area!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 It's bloomin' thyme once again!
 The Knockout rose is knocking out blooms again this year.
 I don't know how this Siberian Iris ended up in the middle of my wild garden.  It is a little late to the party.
 I got this interesting new plant this year.  It's a Orchid Primrose.  The red on the bottom area is the bud coming out.  It turns into the top pic in a couple days.  (Click on pic to enlarge and get a better view.)
 The wild garden has more yellow this week.  The Sun Drops are open now.
 Can you believe this Fever Few in front of the shed is a volunteer? I think I need to get rid of some this year so I can get in the shed door!
 I'm very excited that I have a blossom on my Oak Leaf Hydrangea this year!
 The yellow Foxglove is blooming now. It is much smaller that the other colors.
This is a new purchase from Lowes.  It's a short version of the Cone Flower, perfect for the sidewalk garden.
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Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome to another Bloomin' Tuesday! 
 The weather has been nice here even tho the temps have gone up and down ( I really like the 60's better than the 80's).  We are needing rain again but it's supposed to come tonight.

I'm showing the garden on the side of my driveway because the Clematis and and a carnation are open now.

I'm trying to get a moss garden going in this area by the neighbors pine tree.  I love moss and have a couple already growing on my property but I need to take a walk in the woods for more.

We're back in the shade garden where the Lady's Mantle is blooming.  These blooms are great in bouquets instead of Baby's Breath and I like the color it adds.

The ground cover sedum is blooming (and taking over!), The yellow certainly brightens the shady area! This picture also has hosta, Carmel Coral Bells, Painted Fern and Cameleon plant.
I can't believe all the grapes forming on the grape vine my Son gave me a few years ago.  I've only had a couple bunches that the birds ate the last 2 years.
My 'wild' garden is getting wilder looking with all the yellow loosestrife and white Huckster Red Beard Tongue ( the stems are red) this week.
I love the loosestrife but it does take over if you are not careful.
That's what's bloomin' in my gardens.  What's bloomin' in yours? Add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this post on your blog.
Enjoy the tour!
P.S. It's been raining since last night!  A wonderful slow steady rain, just what the gardens need.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 This week it's all about my 'middle garden' that is in the middle of my back yard.  This was one of my first gardens but it is nothing like the original anymore.
 You can see the ends of the iron crib (remember last week you saw the sides as a trellis)used as a backdrop for the amazing fox glove in the back of this garden.
 I'm not sure how this one stays standing as full as it is.
 I love the dark spots in this one.
 The dark purple spiderwart is beginning to bloom.  This garden is all in purples, pinks, white and some soft yellow.  I don't plant by color anymore, mostly by space.
 This is a view from the back that was supposed to have the 'fence' and then some globe thistle behind it.  Now because of the foxglove going wherever it wants, there is more foxglove after the thistle so I moved the 'fence'.
Last, but definitely not least is this lovely white peony.  Most of them are drooping from the severe storms we're having but this one opened in the branches of a Rose of Sharon tree.
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Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!