Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome!We had a beautiful day today, in the 60's and sunny, but it feels more like fall than summer. I must admit I love this weather especially the cool nights.
One of my very favorite flowers that bloom in late summer are Japanese
anemone, or wind flowers. There are others of this species that bloom in spring.

The name wind flowers truly fits this group because of the low foliage and tall stems of the blooms. We had a wind today and it was hard to get a picture because of all the movement.

This white is a new one for me and I really like it's simplicity.

This one is my all time favorite! This plant is huge and I love it. It is actually made up of several smaller plants so it is easy to divide. It can be a little invasive but I can always find someone to take the extras.

This one also has burgundy stems, another reason I'm so fond of it.

I even like the buds of this plant and the bees love the blooms!. They will grow in full sun or part shade. I have them in both and they do well.
If your garden lacks color this time of year go get a Japanese Anamone!
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Edit; Sorry about Mr Linky! I checked last night because I preposted and must have been half asleep. I didn't notice there wasn't one!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Good Day!

I'd like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments! It takes a lot to get me overwhelmed but I'm totally back on track now.
I've had a good day so far today. It's in the 60's and cloudy so to me, a perfect day to work outside. I finally finished cleaning up all the litter that was stuck in the gardens from the flood and got most plants cut back that needed it. I even moved a few plants. Just when I decided to come in for lunch it started to rain. Perfect! Now I don't even have to water the plants I moved.
I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading and playing with the computer. I hope you are having a super Sunday!
A quiet week and playing in the dirt can do wonders!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got nothin'!

Fellow bloggers, I'm here to ask you not to give up on me. It seems that 'life' has temporarily stopped my creative juices. I have been busy but just doing the mundane. Pulling the weeds and straightening the gardens that the flood fertilized, cleaning the basement after tearing it apart for the lawn sale. I have been through the physical and emotional wringer the past couple weeks and can't seem to get with it again. Last week, all in one day, I found out my son will need shoulder surgery that will keep him out of work 3 or 4 months. After a trip to the Dr, I realized I need to make a life change. I must change my eating habits and lack of exercise to avoid diabetes and high cholesterol. I was also scheduled for a test for carpal tunnel in both hands. I had been putting it off because of closing the shop for several weeks but the Dr said I can't wait any longer.
Lastly, I had to go to my dermatologist to have the stitches removed from a mole I had removed on my shoulder. I was told that it was rare melanoma that was very aggressive. She had me scared to death (literally!). For those that don't know I had third stage melanoma 11 years ago. Talking to my oncologist (after spending a bad night!), I was informed that it was a pre cancer situation. I will still need surgery to remove more tissue but I've 'been there done that' before. That surgery will be on Sept. 17th. The biopsy report stated that the skin had severe sun damage. Let me warn you all that my shoulder hasn't seen the sun in over 40 years, the damage was all done when I was a child.
In closing, I'm asking you not to give up on me! I'm hoping getting this all off my chest will get me back on track. I have been stopping by to check up on all of you and I am looking forward to getting past this dry spell! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome!Between the heat, the flood and the yard sale my backyard gardens are in need of some major TLC (and so is my blog!). The one plant that is doing great is the hydrangea.
Here you can see the flood water rushing past 3 of my hydrangea plants. It actually washed the dirt from the oak leaf and tipped it over.
This bloom was on the plant when I got it for my birthday. I can't wait to see what it does next year.
This Endless Summer Blushing Bride was blooming in the flood picture and is still in full bloom.
The Lace cap Emotion is just beautiful. The colors seem to change daily in hues of pink and purple.
The best bloomer and the most surprising is the Limelight. Here you can see that it was about half under water.
I just planted this bush late last summer and look at it now! It even had some branches break off due to the high snow last winter. I took this picture tonight after I mowed the lawn.
I just love these huge beautifully shaped blooms.
The shades of green and white are perfect! I had heard very good reviews on this amazing sun loving hydrangea and I agree with them all. A must for every garden!
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Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Short on Thyme!

Oops! I spelled that wrong! I'm definitely not short on thyme in the garden but I have been short on time in the garden. There is a lot of deadheading and weeding to do. I should have more time next week and hopefully the weather will be cooler and less humid.I'm trying to get ready for a yard sale on Saturday and Sunday with my son and daughter-in-law. Every time I think I'm done I look in another drawer or cupboard and find more stuff!
My basement is a mess and my dining room is full of boxes. Since last night another pile has appeared in the living room that needs to be priced. I sure hope I get rid of most of this stuff.
If you're in need of a short vacation why not take a road trip to my house and shop!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome! Jerzie took this first picture of one of her sunflowers with her own camera. Pretty good for a 3 year old, don't you think?
She stood by it so you can see how tall it is.
There are still a couple buds that haven't opened. She's pretty proud of this plant. This package was for kids and they didn't get so tall.
This is the first time I have grown sunflowers and the rest are ones I grew.
I planted some last year but the neighborhood bunnies ate them all the first day. I put the leftover seeds in a bag and planted them this year so I'm not sure what any of them are.
I'm partial to the darker colored ones.
This picture is my favorite.
All of these were between 5 and 6 feet tall
except for this one.
Jerzie is standing by it so you can see how tall it is. Almost to the top of the shed. It has several more buds also.
With all the rain and these hot muggy days my Florida rain lilies have bloomed. You can see I didn't get this picture when they were all open. I've stayed inside as much as possible with the heat.
This was taken in the morning and you can see the dew on it.
I love these lilies!
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Have a nice walk through the lovely gardens!

Cool Sweeties!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Food for Thought

Happiness is an unexpected hug.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bird on a wire.

This grouping is on a table on my deck. What I want to show you is the candle holder on the left. I found this on a clearance rack at Marshalls. I love the bird (of course!), the chicken wire and the fact that it's made of metal.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009