Thursday, September 30, 2010

A little more fall...

I went to the Dollar Tree the other day and found these great fall accents. Twenty glass acorns in 3 colors and 10 beautiful large silk maple leaves per package. The leaves have wires for veins so they can be formed to look more natural.

I added a couple leaves and acorns to this table display in my living room.

I put a couple leaves under this green glass bowl and added some acorns to the feather covered balls.

I stuck a few acorns in among the ivy on this shelf

and put some in this leaf/bird dish.

This is in my dining room, along with the mantle in my header. The leaves help add a little color.
I only bought 2 bags of acorns (they had flowers too) and one bag of burgundy leaves (they had other colors). Three bucks to add color and a little bling to my fall decor!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I don't know about you but I love old pictures. This picture is of my Great Grandmother Jessie (top left) and her four daughters.

This shot really seems to show the girls personalities and their affection for each other. When these girls were very young their Father walked out on them. Jessie and the girls lived in a very small town without any opportunities for a single Mom, so she turned part of their house into a store.

The girls in order, are Florence Ester(1895), Cecelia Mae (1898), my grandma, Hazel Henrietta (1900) and Irene Elizabeth (1899). I also love the old names, so many of them are becoming popular again.

My Great Grandmother met a wonderful man when her girls were still young. Levy married Jessie and took on her girls, as his own. They were fortunate enough to have a son, Lewis in 1914. They were happily married many years and both lived beyond their 80's.

This is a 4 generation picture of my brother, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

Four generations with my brother, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather.

My Grandmother always told us how lucky they were as a family to find a good man that would marry a divorcee and raise her children as his own.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you some random garden shots that I didn't get to post during the summer. Obviously, they are not blooming now but I didn't want to waste good photos.

This is my middle garden full of pinks. There are cone flowers, false mallow, phlox and dark pink Rose Campion.

False Mallow, Party Girl. Great self spreading, tall plant.

'Candy Stripe' Phlox

Garden Phlox against the iron crib 'fence'.

'Pixie Twinkle' Phlox

White Evening Primrose. Another aggressive spreading plant that I love.

Rose of Sharon


Cleome or spider plant

Lastly I had to show you the beautiful fall color of the Limelight Hydrangea. I trust I have given you a little glimpse of the summer past and a little hope for the eventually returning spring!
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Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


I bought these cute Halloween necklace kits at Joanne's for a dollar each. We decided to make them today.
This one is Jerzie's

and this is Payton's.

Of course, it got us started on playing with beads. Payton just liked to take them off and on so a pipe cleaner worked great so she could do it herself.

Jerzie worked really hard at hers but she didn't want a picture taken because they are a surprise.

Great way to spend time on a cold, rainy day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My Sweeties and I went to turtle day at the local Audubon yesterday.
We saw lots of different turtles, some in water and some on land.

Notice Jerzie's hands behind her back, no touching for her. Payton didn't even want to touch which is unusual.

Some of the turtles were huge.

Hello there!

Polk-a-dot legs.

Milton, the resident box turtle.

Do you know why they are called box turtles? They have a 2 part bottom with a 'hinge' so they can close their shell up tight.

We even got to make turtles.

A fun afternoon was had by all!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today I'm going to show you my three heirloom quilts.

I got this quilt because I am the oldest granddaughter and it is my favorite. It was made by my grandfather's grandmother. He said she had to hold the fabric very close to her eyes so she could see. Glaucoma runs in the family so we think she had it.

I love the tiny white stitches against the red fabric. I understand some people can date a quilt by the fabric used. I would love to do that sometime. I'm sorry to say that some of the fabric is deteriorating.

I'm not sure who made the other 2 but they are from my mothers family, too. I love the border on this one.

These birds are across the top. There are different colored birds too but the material on them has rotted. You can see a part of one on the left.

I'm guessing that this one is newer because of the bright material.

There are roses quilted into all the corners of the blocks and leaves on the pink parts.

There is even a flower quilted in the center of each flower.

All three quilts are hand done. I am as fascinated with the back as the front. I can't imagine the time that went into each of these quilts. I wish I knew more about them. I'm sure I was told at some point but have forgotten. Now that everyone is gone who can answer my questions I realize that I should have listened better and written everything down. If you have family things remember to ask questions and record everything!
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