Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 I've had this Barrenwort, Epimedium grandiflorum,'Lilafee' for several years.  It's a nice spring shade plant so I've been looking for more.
 I finally found this one called 'Rose Queen' last year.  According to the tag the blooms are supposed to have white 'spurs'.  I haven't seen any white but I love them anyway.
 Barrenwort only grows to about 12 inches so I'm thinking of moving them to the front shade garden where they will be enjoyed more.  The foliage had a burgundy tint so the plant adds some interesting color to the garden.
White Tulip

                                  No, that's not flowering tree blossoms blowing in the breeze!
Red Tulip
                                                                        Azalea Bush
Grape Hyacinth.
We are supposed to get about 10 inches of snow by Tuesday a.m. I have no idea what will happen to my gardens but there is no way I could cover them all so I'm just taking a chance. We've never had snow this late in the growing season because our spring came so early.  If I loose plants
I'll just have to buy more!
If your spring garden isn't buried under snow, we'd love to see it!  Add your name, state and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this post on your blog.


Deb said...

Ooh, Jean! How sad that Spring was taken hostage by the snow!! I hope your plants survive. I meant to get out this weekend before all the rain came to take pictures, but I didn't. Maybe next time.

daisy g said...

Oh my stars! I hope this is the last blast of winter and that everything survives! Those tulips are glorious!

Becky Elmuccio said...

Hope everything goes ok with that snow! First time doing the linkup. Glad to have found your blog!

Beth said...

Hi Jean, I like your epimediums. I've never grown them, but they are on my list for a future purchase. They are really neat looking flowers. Thanks for sponsoring Bloomin' Tuesday!

Suzanne said...

I think spring needs to decide she wants to stay! Your garden is beautiful!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

I am so sorry to hear about the snow--that's crazy!! But I do love the pictures of your garden--lovely!

Kathy said...

This has been the strangest spring! I was amazed to hear of the spring snow experienced by so many! We are having uncharacteristically cold weather here! Thanks for hosting!

~~Rhonda said...

Jean, I don't have any epimediums, so enjoyed seeing yours. I'd like to get some soon. So sorry about the snow! How much did you end up with? Thankfully, it usually melts quickly this time of year. ~~Rhonda

Rosemary said...

Jean I will have to find some barrenwort so pretty... Yuck on the snow !

Rosemary said...

Jean I will have to find some barrenwort so pretty... Yuck on the snow !