Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!


We have finally gotten some much needed rain and warmer temps. The lawns and plants never lost their green because of the mild winter so they are really pretty now.

This is a view of the prim roses along the path in the shade garden. The topper is a view from the end of the path.

The money plant is in bloom. This is planted in a wild area on the side of my house because it is so invasive. I love having it for arrangements in the fall. It's only a few feet on a hill so I just planted the whole area so I didn't need to mow.

I love Fritillary lilies and I definitely need some more. I thought they would spread faster.

This plant is right next to the other one but it's still in bud. Looks like 3 more blooms coming.

The lilies are in this bed, with some Allium, in the lower left. There are a few tulips blooming in front of my tree peony.

A few more tulips bloomin' in the large 'wild' garden behind the last pic. I don't have much luck with tulips. Only a couple come up in every clump I plant. Maybe I need to dig up the bloomers and plant them all together.

The white Trillium is blooming. They are so beautiful when you come upon them growing wild in the woods. I have tried to make my back shade garden to resemble the woods.

I'm sitting on my deck listening to the birds sing. It's a beautiful, sunny 70 degree morning with a nice breeze. It's supposed to be high in the 40's tomorrow!
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Beth said...

Hi Jean, Your fritillary and trillium are lovely! Thanks for hosting and have a fantastic week!

daisy g said...

That lily looks like a lantern! Tulips are a fav here, but I can't grow them as it's too hot. Guess I'll just have to enjoy yours!
Thanks for hosting, Jean! Tuesdays are a treat because of you.

Suzanne said...

That white Trillium is gorgeous and to think it grows wild in the woods -- how wonderful!