Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Today's post is all about yellow. My large wild side garden is just ablaze with yellow right now.
At the top of the garden is yellow loosestrife. It will take over if you're not careful but it is still worth having in the garden. It is about 4 feet tall and blooms for weeks.
Sundrops are at the bottom of the hill.

I love the red buds and the leaves turn red in the fall.

This yellow sedum is also invasive if you aren't careful but it makes a great ground cover. It is also in my shade garden.
I'm not sure what these are but they keep coming up every year and I like the yellow centers. I also have some pale yellow Straw Foxglove. They grow tall like the regular foxglove.
As you can see from this picture the blooms are much smaller than the normal foxglove.
The blooms are interesting up close.
Last but certainly not least, are the Stella D'Ore lilies. They are always the first to bloom and they sure make a statement.
I hope you have enjoyed the yellow blooms today. If tyou would like to show us your blooms, just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky below. Please, add a link to this post on your blog.
Grab a glass of something cold and sit back and tour gardens all over the country.


playsdolls said...

I love your wild garden,all the yellow is so pretty.The hot weather and no rain has just about got my flowers.Luckly I got pics of them in the early part of the summer.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Love all the flowers, especially the foxglove. Thanks for hosting and sharing.


Deb said...

Love, love, love the bright yellows! I love your theme this week.

Grammy said...

Hi Jean, Happy bloomin Tue!
You Foxglove is beautiful. I have never had this plant before. I love all the yellows you have bloom.

Darla said...

Beautiful Jean. Love the yellow, it sure brightens up an area.

Teresa said...

I have got to get some of that yellow loosestrife. Nothing brightens up the garden like yellow. Your gardens are beautiful today, Mrs.Jean!

Sue said...

I love your "wild side" of the garden. Half of my small front yard has a wild side, which actually needs some attending to! I love foxgloves, yours are beautiful, still waiting for mine to bloom. Thanks for sharing!

Cedar ... said...

Before retirement (first time) I worked for The Nature Conservancy. Purple Loosestrife was a sworn enemy, very invasive. We had youth crews that went out pulling it before it could go to seed. It gets into areas of cat tails and takes over. Is the yellow the same? The purple is pretty, but scary stuff.

i cant decide said...

Very pretty. I like monochromatic gardens. You've found some nice yellows to grow together.

Elena said...

Oh, I just love yellow flowers! Yellow is such a warm and happy color! Have a wonderful day! Elena

Suzanne said...

Beautiful yellow blossoms! So sunny and happy!

~~Rhonda said...

Jean, your garden is full of blossoms! So pretty! I don't have the loosestrife or the sundrops. I've been meaning to get some sundrops for a long time. I need to write that on my want list. The Sedum acre I do have and have never found it invasive. If it grows where you don't want it, it is SO easy to pull up. Throw it somewhere you would like to see it and it will take care of itself. I actually threw some onto the gravel along the driveway as I drove by on the mower and it's growing happily.

I've never been able to grow foxglove. I think it is too hot and humid for it here. Guessing. I'm not sure.

Thanks for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday! ~~Rhonda