Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more "Warm and Fuzzy"

My daughter called on Sunday and asked if I'd like to have supper together on Monday. I said sure, figuring something was up! Her next statement was, "I got some fresh green beans". So that's the catch! She wanted some "warm and fuzzy"(click for more info) cooking! She wanted green beans and potatoes, one of our favorite summer dishes. Here's how I do it. Boil potatoes.
Steam fresh green beans in micro.
When cooked, drain potatoes, cover with milk and add a chunk of butter.
Add drained beans.

Cook until milk is scalded (just before it boils).

Smash potatoes and cover with milk and green beans.We don't need anything else with it but I usually have some sliced tomatoes. I used to make a meat with it but the kids just wanted beans and potatoes.
(I hope I did it right this time Donna!)
For more "warm and fuzzy" recipes just put warm and fuzzy in the blog search engine.

While Laurie was here she took this picture of my trumpet creeper. I think I might need to trim it in the spring.These are the flowers on it.


Laurie and Chris said...

I love "Warm and Fuzzy" dinners :)
No one can make it like Mom makes it even if you have a recipe it just doesn't taste the same. Thanks for dinner Mom!!!!

Dawn said...

That is one of our fave summertime soups!!!
The trumpet vine looks very healthy....

RUTH said...

That sounds good! Love your trumpet vine.

kris said...

I feel the same way Laurie does about my mom's cooking - no one makes certain meals the same as she does!
The trumpet vine photos are gorgeous - thanks for leaving me a note!