Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 Welcome to the 7th annual Bloomin' Tuesday!
I'm going to start this week with a pet peeve of mine.  I started Bloomin' Tuesday to share garden photos with every day trial and error gardeners like me.  I have enjoyed doing this for several years. It seems the new trend for a couple years is to see how many followers we can get.  Personally, I don't care!  I don't enjoy being a vehicle for those bloggers that are using Bloomin' Tuesday for that purpose. I get very irritated when I go to a blog that does one post a week and has a list of parties they are involved in for the week.  I ask that you put a link to my blog just so your followers can enjoy and possibly join our tour. I used to comment on every post I went to, now I comment on those that leave me a comment.  I'm sorry if some of you are offended but I am entitled to my opinion.  I'm also sorry I found it necessary to post this on the first Tuesday of 2013 but I know that most of the guilty ones are only here on Bloomin' Tuesday.  I've also realized that they don't read my post when they sign up so this year I will be removing these posts.
Now let's get to the fun!
I showed all my bloomers last week so this week I'm showing some of the lovely flowering trees and shrubs that are blooming around the city.

 I love the weeping trees  but I prefer the natural look myself.
Can't have spring without some dandelions!  These are not in my yard, mine aren't blooming yet! lol!


daisy g said...

She's baaaaaack! Yippee! So nice to be here again with so many skilled gardeners. Can't wait to see what's bloomin' everywhere.

BernieH said...

You've shown some beauties this week, Jean. Of course none of those wonderful blooming trees grow in my corner of the world, so I love seeing photos of them.

Deb said...

Good Morning, Jean! Glad that you're back with Bloomin' Tuesday! I'll have to make a trek outside today to see if I have anything blooming--not sure I do.

I love all the spring blooming trees--they just don't last long enough. I have a small weeping cherry that lasted a week or less. Re: your dandelion photo. I get rid of those as soon as I see them...but my daughter picks the greens for her salad. I'm not sure I've ever tried eating dandelion greens, but it's an old-time delicacy I guess!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful trees blooming. Hope you are doing well Jean.

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

It's good to see Bloomin' Tuesday back! Oh, I have PLENTY of dandelions in my yard if you would like a few. :) lol

Toko Busana Muslim Murah said...
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Betsy said...

Love those blooming trees, my dogwoods were not pretty at all this year, to cold a spring. Love your blog and Bloomin Tuesday