Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

 Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday the last week of June!
Some of my gardens don't have many blooms right now but after finally getting some rain last night I'm sure next week will be beautiful. I decided to show you my backyard this week so you can have an idea of what I'm writing about when I mention my gardens. I took these pics from the second story deck on the back of the house.  My house was built on a hill so in the back the first story is the basement, where my beauty shop is and the covered deck is off the kitchen.
These are the gravel steps that lead to the shop. The 'wild' garden is the length of the steps and ends at my neighbors driveway. The tree on the left is a Rose of Sharon that will bloom later. The dirt past that is a seed garden the girls and I planted for the first time this year, so they can pick the flowers. Remember, I live in the city so there are houses all around but I have managed to have a private back yard. 

A couple shots to show you how 'wild' it is!

This shot shows my shed and the neighbor's garage. The tree by the old wheelbarrow is a curly willow that I started from a branch. The garden on the right of the shed is where the rusty wheelbarrow is covered with sweet peas. On the left is the grape vine climbing the roof and the ladder with the clematis. There is also a Wegalia, an azalea and a lime light hydrangea.

I love this vintage wire heart fencing I found in a basement for 2 dollars. 
Just the right size for the 'garage' garden.
This is the 'middle' garden with the crib for a fence. The tree here is a double pink Rose of Sharon. The hedge in back is to my shoulders and is all across the back property line except where there is another neighbors garage.
Next is the shade garden, behind the metal chairs. The vintage wooden posts mark the entrance and the path comes out behind the middle garden.
This is the property line on the left .This is where I have planted my day lilies which end at yet another Rose of Sharon that is white. The moss garden I'm working on is in front of the neighbors pine tree.
This is on the left of the deck. You can see a park bench with a basket of blooms, some hosta and my oak leaf hydrangea. There is a porch railing behind it.

This is the left side of the house and another 'wild' area. There are a few plants that I don't need but don't want to get rid of. I planted the money plant and Japanese lantern in here because you can't really control them. I do need to do some work in this area!
That's it the backyard gardens.  If you would like to show off your gardens and blooms, just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and add a link to this post on your blog.


Anonymous said...

The yard looks great- I appreciate the overall shots of your yard. It is so hard tell what one's gardens look like sometimes but the pictures.

We are over100 degrees today here in not so cool colorado! It is supposed to be this hot all week and no rain in site. Were having a terrible time with forest fires also- so hot and dry.

Carol Ann said...

I enjoyed the views of your yard. You're right, you have made it very private. Great pictures. Thanks for hosting the party!

Rob Hunt said...

Glad I found your blog, added Island Rustic. Thanks for hosting. I'm an organic gardener from Vancouver Island BC (Canada).

daisy g said...

What a haven you have for yourself in the city! Love all the green surrounding you!

Rosemary said...

Jean love this blog post showing your back garden and layout. Will be using this idea!

Unknown said...

Jean, I always enjoying seeing larger photos of gardens. You have done an incredible job of creating a garden paradise in the midst of neighboring houses..I bet all the wildlife visits you.

Kathy said...

Your garden looks great! Love the vintage fencing. The heat is coming our way so my main task is watering, watering, watering!
I do appreciate you hosting - I hope you have a wonderful week!

Yael from Home Garden Diggers said...

The garden looks wonderful. I am envious ofhow much room you have, and of what appears to be an oak leaf hydrangea. I miss having one in this house and have no more room.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Mary said...

Is that chamomile in some of your pictures? I love it!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hi Jean: Thank you for hosting the garden party today! I love your shed, and your garden looks so lush and vibrant--just lovely.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Jean,

I enjoyed the tour of your backyard and your shed is great! Perfect for keeping all those garden tools. I see your daisies are out already. Mine are just starting to open. Thank you for hosting.

Deb said...

Jean, I always love all your flowers you show, but I have to be honest and say my favorite thing in this post is the vintage wire heart fencing. Just perfect for your yard!

Nancy W said...

Your yard looks so nice! We've gotten so much rain here I just can't keep up with the weeds! Thanks for hosting!

Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen said...

Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great 4th of July.

I've been catching up on weeding this week in my flower beds. Seeing your beds keeps me inspired to keep working.

Forbrukslån uten sikkerhet said...

Blooming Tuesday is really nice one to see and also to read. I really appreciate your effort