Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!


Our blooms may be 'here today, gone tomorrow'. The temps are supposed to be in the 20's overnight! I can handle loosing a few blooms but the fruit growers will be in trouble. We've never had such a warm, early spring so let's enjoy! I planted Prim Roses along the stone path in the shady garden. I don't know what happened to all the other colors but the pink and white are amazing this year.

This clump is about 12 inches across!

I love the coloring of this Lenten Rose, Hellebore in the shade area.

The wild violets can be very aggressive but I just pull them out where I don't want them. I love seeing them all over in the spring!



I found this pretty pink Prim Rose last year. I moved them all when I put in the shade garden but I'm getting more, different colors to put in the stair area again.
I hope you will join our first Bloomin' Tuesday tour of 2012. For information on joining and choices of buttons, click here.
Now let's see where spring has sprung!


Donna Heber said...

Hi Jean,

I am so happy to be back again this year for Bloomin' Tuesday. The weather has been so crazy this year. We were in the teens last night and I hope it doesn't ruin all the buds coming out. Thank you for hosting our wonderful party!

daisy g said...

Thanks for hosting, Jean! I can't wait to see what's up in everyone's gardens!

Suzanne said...

Your garden is much further along than mine -- your primroses -- gorgeous!!!

Becca's Dirt said...

So glad to Bloomin Tuesday again. Love your primroses and the green flower on the hellebore is so pretty. I heard about the cold coming to your area. Hope it won't hurt the plants too bad.

Unknown said...

It has been some freaky weather. I love the white Primrose!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your flowers are lovely--I so love primroses, with the ruffled leaves that remind me of petticoats!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous spring flowers! I love Primrose - would love to have a path lined with them! thank you for hosting,

Savannah McQueen said...

Lovely post. I like the hellevore but I am not able to grow it here as it is too darn humid and warm.

Carol Ann said...

Thanks for hosting! I found you through Delightsome Life blog. Nice photos!

Deb said...

Hi Jean~ good to see you again and everyone that's participating! Thanks for hosting!

Lea said...

Happy gardening!
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