Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Bloomin' Tuesday

My 2 planted mums have finally started to bloom. You can just see it by the handles of the wheelbarrow.

The tips are actually pink but it doesn't show in the pictures.

The Knock Out Rose has bloomed more this fall than it did all summer.

The Cosmos are still beautiful! They are really top heavy so they lean but still keep bloomin'.

The large one is at least 3 inches across.

One of my white Primroses is blooming again.

This is the other mum I planted a couple years ago. It is the daisy type too but a little pinker than the first one.

I had to show you my Limelight Hydrangea. I love the color of the blooms now. I'll probably cut some before to long.

They are so big I won't need many.

What is still bloomin' where you are planted? Add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and a link to this post on your blog and I'll be by to check out your bloomers!


Roan said...

The only flowers I've seen lately are mums. Reminds me of fall. Love your pink cosmos.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Beautiful photos of your garden- i need to work on putting more color in my fall garden, but my cosmos like yours are blooming perfusely.

Diana LaMarre said...

My primroses have never rebloomed in the fall.

That wheelbarrow makes a fine fall display next to your mums.

I picked some limelights a few weeks ago and they have now dried, retaining some of the pink color with a light brown. I love how they look dried.

daisy g said...

Those hydrangeas would make lovely indoor cuttings! What a treat!

Darla said...

I really need one of those hydrangeas. My Cosmos are leaning too, so pretty.

BernieH said...

Your Cosmos is doing a fabulous job of showing those beautiful blooms. Love the Mums and the Hydrangea as well.

Suzanne said...

I've got nothing to show this week for Bloomin' Tuesday, but I enjoyed looking at your lovely garden!

Rosemary said...

Jean It is certainly getting to be the time of year when the brave flowers left in the garden one appreciates all the more.... Your garden has lots still blooming... love the vignette of pumpkins!

Carol said...

Your fall blooms are beautiful! My flowers are blooming more rthis fall than they did all summer too :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love all your pretty pink! I am falling asleep as I type. I better get to bed.

Judy ~ Through My Garden Window said...

I absolutely love your hydrangea!! I need to find a spot for a Limelight in my yard next year.