Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

I accidently forgot to change the date so this post is up really early! I don't know how to take it off so I guess you have a jump start on Bloomin' Tuesday this week! Today I'm going to show you a garden from the Secret Garden Tour this summer.

This home had a huge yard and several large garden areas and grassy areas. They had also made paths thru the woods beyond the yard.

This bed was along the long driveway. She had several hosta plants dispersed among the other plants.

This raised bed directly behind the house was my favorite. I love the plants hanging over the stone wall and the stone walkway leading to the trellis.

There is a wonderful assortment of blooming and non blooming plants, making interesting texture and color throughout.

I know this garden has been growing several years because we saw it in another garden tour years ago. There is beauty and interest all the way around this garden and the plants are all huge.

I must admit, I am so tempted to tear out my middle garden and put in a raised, large bed. I'm telling myself it would be way too much work and many years until it would be as beautiful as this one. We'll see what spring brings since I already have some projects planned. How about you, do you have spring plans yet?
If you would like to join our tour, just add your name, state and permalink to Mr. Linky below. Please, post a link to this post on your blog.

Do you have a picture of a garden you would love to copy? I would love to see it or hear about your plans for spring.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


Anne said...

What gorgeous gardens!!!

Thanks for hosting yet another Bloomin' Tuesday!!!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful gardens! Thanks for hosting, Jean!

shannon i olson said...

such beautiful photos...sad that everything here is dying....couple blooms here and there but the night air is getting pretty cool!

Sherry said...

What a beautiful garden and beautiful pictures. The only plans I have for my garden right now is to get some more fall clean up done and maybe plant a few bulbs. It is getting cool now.

teresa said...

What a beautiful garden. a lot of love and work went to making that so wonderful thanks for the tour.

Mary-Frances said...

Thanks again for hosting Jean, and for giving us a tour of the garden - just lovely.

Alea Milham said...

What a lovely garden! I love the raised garden and rock work - makes me want a raised garden too!

Rebekah said...

Yes, that is beautiful garden!
Your blog is lovely! Glad I found it.

Bonnie said...

What a fun garden tour. Yes, I have been dreaming about next Spring. Can't wait to see what you do!

Karen said...

Thank you for hosting, Jean, and for taking us on that wonderful tour. I love the landscaping in that garden! My plans for right now are to get to cleaning up the garden, but every year I have high hopes for something new, too, always biting off more than I can chew!

Marilyn Jones said...

Gorgeous garden! Those are some really big hostas. Looks like a lot of work!