Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

If you read my last post you saw that I have been digging out yellow loosestrife, bachelor buttons and black-eyed-Susans from my wild garden. A huge local nursery has been selling gallon perennials for 5 dollars a pot and I've been going crazy. Actually, it's a great time for me to be adding to the garden. Here's what I've added.
Stokes Aster, colorwheel.

Stonecrop, Novem.

Agastache aurantiaca, Apricot Sprite.
The rest of the pictures are from the Internet because the plants are not blooming now.

Clustered Bellflower, emerald.

Dianthus, Heart Attack.

Penstemon, Sweet Joanne

Lobelia, Fan Salmon.

Lobelia, Monet Moment


Closeup of Scullcap.

Globeflower, Golden Queen.

The garden looks awful bare but I know I need to be patient and let everything fill in. I'm already excited to see what spring will bring. Now if I can just stay away from that nursery!
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Now pour yourself a cold drink, sit back and enjoy!


Racquel said...

Wow looks like you found some great perennials and the price is a bargain. I love the look of the two Lobelias. Don't worry before you know it this spot will be full and lush again. :)

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Nice selection of plants for a great it when that happens. Sorry, I keep forgetting to put my state in the blog title. I like to know where plants I'm reading about are growing, too. Thanks for hosting.

Sherry said...

I love your new plants. Your post makes me want to go out and check out the sales on more plants. I definately am going to keep my eyes open for penstemon. Thanks for hosting. I love pictures of flowers of all kinds.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful additions to your garden! I love them all but that bellflower is amazing -- love the color! I also love the salmon colored lobelia. All are so pretty!

Maria Berg said...

I hole lot of new flowers. The last one is my favorite I saw that on a holiday 6 years a go and a 2 year ago I saw it in a shop here and did buy it.

Clustered Bellflower, emerald. - Is not that a plant that will spread a lot?


Alea Milham said...

I love adding new flowers to the garden and this is the perfect time to do it! The sales are great ad it gives the plants a jump start for next year. You have picked some real beauties! It will be fun watching them develop!

Balisha said...

I think that I need to check the sales too..Your flowers are lovely. I just posted a picture for this special day. I don't believe I've entered before. Have a nice day.

Dawn said...

Hey Jean!!!!
My sunflowers - which I thought would be the tall variety - are actually the shorter version.
Still pretty.
The million bells have come back from the almost dead. Yay! Nearly lost them with the early rains.
Nice blooms from your place, as always.

Anonymous said...

Nice blooms, Jean! I sure do like looking at flowers, in people's yards and in parks, but I don't care to grow them myself.

Alyssa said...

I love all of your new plants! Especially the Dianthus, Heart Attack! I'm a sucker for all Dianthus :)

Kristen {a little ditty} said...

It's my first time joining this link party! Looks like a lot of great garden things! Thanks for hosting.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I normally buy bargain plants this time of year, but the night guard for my jaw is going to cost quite a bit, and I'm not sure how much of it my insurance company is going to pay for, so I'm staying away from where plants are sold.

You found some great plants there. I love skullcaps. Be careful of the clustered bellflower. It may be a spreader.