Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

I have a lot of color in the garden this week. Most of what I showed last week is still blooming and following are the new bloomers this week.
Verbascum, Mullein is another of my favorites. They just seem so old fashion to me for some reason and I love the soft colors.

The details are so amazing!

I planted some cosmos seeds but since they weren't ready to bloom, I bought a few plants. They sure add a burst of color!

This lily has several buds so I should be enjoying it for awhile.

The day lilies spread so much that this is the only red hot poker lily that bloomed. I guess I'll need to dig them out and put them in a larger space.

I like the grayish foliage and the blooms on this Rose Campion. I've had it before but lost it somehow so I bought more this year.

I planted some of these Gazania in my wagon this year. They are really gorgeous. I wish they were perennials.

The double Hollyhocks are going to bloom this year. Only the red is open so far. They look almost like carnations to me.

I believe these are Ladybells. They have spread quite well in the wild garden. I have 3 different clumps now.

Limerock Dream Coreopsis adds another burst of color in the wild garden. I just moved it to where I had to cut the lupine down. You don't even notice the cut down plants with this beauty there.

Another favorite, Manarda, is just getting ready to open. I love the blooms and the wonderful scent they give off.
As you can see, I did have some bloomin' goin' on for the Secret Garden Tour. We had a pretty good weather day, overcast, which is good for taking pictures and just a few drops of rain a couple times. I'll tell you more during the week but I decided to do a little give away. Take a guess as to how many people came to my garden. The tour was from 10:30 to 4:00. Whoever is closest, without going over, will get a small prize. Just put your guess in your comment before 6:00 Wednesday night.
If you want to join the tour, just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and add a link to this post on your blog. I think it would be fun if you put your name and STATE on Mr Linky so we know right away where your garden is located. Now sit back and enjoy the tour.


Anonymous said...

Ah, what beautiful flowers. I love your hollyhocks. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Wow you do have alot going on in the garden right now. I love the Mullein and Rose Campion, they have that old fashioned appeal. Are they drought tolerant? I'm having to rethink what to plant next year, our summers are just too much for some stuff. :(

betty-NZ said...

This is my first time at Blooming Tuesday. I'm glad I found you.

You have gorgeous blooms! We recently moved and I miss the garden. You have many flowers that we had growing.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for hosting again as always! I love all of your new blooms! I tend to put my favorites up each week because I can't get enough of their blooms!

I also linked up before realizing you said to put our location, so I'll do in on here. I'm in the Pacific Northwest!

My guess on your garden tour was 7 (haven't read/heard of any of your previous garden tours (if you've had them before) so this is a total guess!

Thanks for sharing your blooms!

Tracy said...

Your mullein is beautiful! So is the Limerock Dream Coreopsis - definitely will have to give those a try. I can't wait to read about your Secret Garden Tour. My guess is 35 people. As always, thanks for hosting Bloomin Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my guess with my comment earlier. I'm thinking 30 people.

Lynn said...

Everything looks beautiful, so happy! It's so dry here in Philly, everything is struggling. I'm just trying to keep a small cutting garden and the veggies going!

Darla said...

i wonder if the first plant here will grow in my zone? i wish i could tour your guess 15

Bonnie said...

Your gardens are amazing. If I was close enough I would have been on your tour. Because your beds are so gorgeous I think the number is higher. 85 people?

I love your red hot poker lily. I have tried to grow those in the past without any luck.

Suzanne said...

Your blooms are just gorgeous this week, Jean. I tried to pick a favorite and after scrolling up and down a thousand times, just gave up. They are all fabulous!

Becca's Dirt said...

Good morning Jean. Your gardens are beautiful. You have lots of new stuff too. Verbascum,Mullein is stunning. Beautiful blooms.

I won't be doing my bloomin tuesday post today because I have no new photos and I have been enormously busy with an audit. I'll be back up next week. Have a good day. Becca

Grandmother Wren said...

Lovely again this week - I do wish I could have visited your garden for the tour!

katrina said...

I LOVE doing this every week. thank you for hosting, and your flowers are always so beautiful.

My guess is 215 people toured your gardens! I wish i could have been one of them :)

My home is in the Pacific Northwest!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Jean,
When I came to link in, I didn't get a chance to actually read your post. Finally, I was able to just now, and will be referring to your post in another window so I can remember what caught my eye. Next time, I'll put My state, Nebraska on the link.

First, I love that mullein! I've tried growing a yellow one, but it didn't live many seasons. If I saw that pink one, I'd try again.

Yes the red hot poker, apparently doesn't like to be crowded. The one that was shaded by the tall yarrow has no blooms, while the other one has more than it ever has.

I love gazanias, too as do the rabbits in my yard. I planted one in a pot where they can't reach it, but I'm hoping the ones they ate grow back. I'm thinking there is a perennial kind of gazania, but I'm not sure what zones it grows in.

Those hollyhocks do look like carnations. They're beautiful!

I want to look up those ladybells. I think that's what I have that I called a campanula of some kind. I was wondering if that was right after I wrote it. It is a spreader for sure.

I'm going to guess my age, 57 for your tour.

Rock rose said...

That verbascum is fabulous. We have the native yellow one here which can be a bit of a pest but I love the furry leaves in the spring and its statuesque nature. However, I would like one of yours too! Also I dream of hollyhocks and bee balm and foxgloves- All the flowers of my childhood in England. My favorites. I think you probably had 189 people. I would have been there for sure.

Deb said...

Hi Jean ~ I'm still recuperating a bit so haven't been able to participate in Bloomin' Tuesday, but I still enjoy stopping by and seeing your blooms and everyone else's.
I especially love your Rose Campion. I just found out the name of this plant this spring when I visited a garden shop, and it was growing between a crack in a sidewalk. I've never seen any for sale but am going to make it a point to find some for next year. I love the leaves and blooms.