Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

We had a couple frosts and some snow this week but it doesn't seem to have bothered the garden at all. I hope it slows down some or we're going to be all bloomed out early this year. I heard that the season is about 3 weeks ahead of normal.
I forgot to add the picture of this lovely tulip that Chris and Laurie gave me for Easter this year. I love the color.
The hellebore (Lenten Rose) is doing great and there is a bud on the white one.
I finally have a color of prim rose blooming besides pink and white. This dark blue is a favorite of mine so I'm glad it made it.
I moved the trillium to the shade garden last summer and a couple are blooming. I think I'll try to get a few more, they don't seem to spread very fast.
One of my bleeding heart is also showing some color. I moved stuff around in the shade garden when I enlarged it so I'm glad to see blooms.
I was drawn to the vibrant color of this spurge (Euphorbia martinii)..
I love the red centers and after reading about it, I'm happy that it came back.
It usually likes a warmer climate.
I was surprised to see this Fritillary meleagris (snakes head) because the stem is so thin and frail looking. I'd actually forgotten about them. Don't you love getting surprises in the garden?
Now that I've shown you all my bloomers, I'm anxious to see yours! Just add your name and permalink to Mr Linky and add a link to this post on your blog. For info and button choices click the button on my side bar. I was very excited to see some new participants last week and hope for more this time around. I'm also happy to reconnect with some old gardening friends. Wouldn't it be fun to get at least one person in every state? The only trouble is, I see too many plants I want and can't grow here! LOL! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I love all the new surprises that spring brings. Last fall I planted alot of bulbs and it was exciting to see them come up and bloom. Your Lenton Roses are gorgeous and I love the red centers on that Euphorbia. Is that 'Tiny Tim'? Mine is blooming right now too! Happy Bloomin Tuesday Jean. :)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful. Not much has changed in my garden this week, so I had to get creative with my post.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I linked you to some close ups of what is blooming now, BUT if you want to see what it looked like a couple of weeks ago, see here:

That's only a small part of my daffodils; there were 300 bulbs, each with 2-3 flowering stems and multiple flowers on each (about 3 per stem).

Deb said...

Hi Jean ~ I made it this week! I wanted you to see the money plants that are growing from the seeds you sent me. Last year I just didn't think they would make it so I'm extra excited to see how they produce the pods.

Your plants are beautiful! Especially the Euphorbia (I never heard of it!); it's very unique and pretty. Thanks for Bloomin' Tuesday.

Heather said...

lovin all your pretty blooms! we don't have too many of those around here yet. mostly trees blooming still.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Hi Jean, I linked up this week.

Your plants look beautiful, especially the helebore.


Darla said...

Love the Euphorbia!!

Connie said...

Your flowers are beautiful - but that blue primrose!!! Unbelievably gorgeous color!

Thanks for sharing.

Diana LaMarre said...

Wow, Jean, I am amazed at all the little lovelies you have blooming already. In Northern MI there isn't much. I did notice a grape hycinth and daffodil today, but that's about it.

I thought that spurge was very a very unique color.

Alea Milham said...

I love surprises in the garen! Our high winds bring seeds from far and wide and we end up with "rogue flowers". I am fascinated by the snakes head; I will be reading up on it.

Paula said...

Love your brillaint flowers! I will be a day late linking up, my computer is getting fixed and I don'tknow hwo to do pix on this laptop! Thanks again for sharing! Paula

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Jean,
I have some blooms I posted. You have a nice assortment. I love the hellebore, as I just discovered them a couple years ago, and got my first ones in last year.

Your euphorbia is cool, too.

karenandjeff said...

You've got some gorgeous and unique flowers around your house! I don't have tons of blooms at my house, but we're getting closer. Thanks for hosting Jean.

Anne Fannie said...

Hello Jean, where did Tuesday go? I missed posting for Bloomin'
Tuesday! LOL I have been so busy planting in a rental house next door we bought that I completely forgot to take pictures and post!
I love all your beautiful blooms. I am starring at that snake head bloom. Very interesting! I don't think I have ever heard of that!