Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Today I'm showing some random pictures taken this year.Yellow loosestrife and fever few.
Daisies, buttercups and hosta.
Jupiters beard and loosestrife.
Toadflax (Must have gotten it's name because it hops everywhere!)
Husker red beard tongue.
I'm not sure what this is but the yellow blooms are sun drops. I thought it was a centaurea but the leaves are different.
Geranium pratense and loosestrife.
Raspberry colored yarrow and toadflax.
As you can see the yellow loosestrife is a great plant that looks good with just about everything.
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Suzanne said...

These are beautiful photos, Jean. Each one so clear and the colors extraordinary!

Aiyana said...

Whatever that fringy lilac colored flower is, it's gorgeous. And, even though yellow is the most common desert flower color, I love the lemony color of your flowers, especially when mixed with the other colors.

Darla said...

Beautiful random photos from the year! Love the color combos.

Sue said...

I love all the beautiful colors in your garden, it looks awesome!

Laurie and Chris said...

Great pictures Mom! I like the purples and yellows together.

~~Rhonda said...

Jean, the colors in your garden right now are lovely! I don't have the loosestrife, but will be looking for it. Love the yellow. The fringed flower looks like Centaurea. Google that and see what you think. We have a purple one in our garden.

~~Rhonda :)

Teresa said...

Love the mystery flower! And that yarrow is so pretty.

Thanks for the info about blogger. Mine has been doing that all week. What a pain in the neck.

Lallee said...

Your blooms always look so beautiful. Our high heat and lots of rain are making my weeds go crazy. I have to re-motivate myself for gardening about this time.