Monday, June 01, 2009

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

We have been having cool weather again but no frost. Here is what's bloomin' in my corner of the country.
I'll start with one of my favorites, the cranesbill geranium. If you have a large area this plant is wonderful. It grows into a lovely mound that will get as large as you let it.
Dianthus is a great bloomer. You can find almost any color you are looking for and they come back year after year.
I love these sun roses (helianthemum) I'd like to find a darker color also.
Snow in Summer
The foliage on this plant is a very gray green. It looks super on a bank.
A burgundy colored coralbell in an area of my shade garden. The stems are so long this year.
One lonely Stella de Ora day lily.
The wild columbine is really going crazy this year. Most be time to thin some out.
Another favorite, lupine. They all seem to be purple so far. I know I've bought different colors.
What's bloomin' in you corner of the country? If you'd like to join the tour just click on Green Mr Linky and add your name and permalink . Don't forget to add a link on your post to this post.
Now let's take a nice colorful walk!


Grammy said...

Hi Jean, Happy blooming Tue!The cranes bill geranium is one of my favorites.I planted roots this year and they are just sprouts now. I have not got much done this year. I am recovering from sinus surgery. Any way have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean, your garden is full of beautiful blooms this week. That Cranesbill looks like a nice filler and it's foliage is so dainty. I envy your Lupines, I've never had much success with them. They don't care for our heat I think. May have to try them again. :) My link didn't work for some reason so here's my post:

Aiyana said...

My favorite is the Snow in Summer. I seem to like the white--probably because of all the hot colors I have around.

Unknown said...

Looks great Jean! Love the Cranesbill for sure..

Tracey said...

Love all the flowers! Beautiful colors :)

Teri said...

Oh wow, your blooms are so gorgeous! I love dianthus for their beauty but more for their beautiful smell!


Cedar ... said...

Columbine and Lupine,..two of my favorites, -- and I don't have either of them in my rock garden or my long flower box. Hmmmm... maybe I should go shopping?

Carla said...

Great! I love seeing the lupine, snow in summer, and sun roses (which don't really do well in my area):) Hardy geranium is something we are trying this year. Loving yours:)

kesslerdee said...

They are all so pretty. You are really "bloomin" these days! I can't see MR Linky at all?

Elena said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! My mom loved the snow in summer ground cover and I remember lots of that when I was a kid.

Sherrie said...

This is my first time participating in Bloomin' Tuesday. Your flowers are all beautiful. I love that snow flower! I really like white flowers lot. Have a great day!


Teresa said...

Lupine is my fav this week. Love the geranium too.

Susan said...

My Snow In Summer and Pinks are flowering well but I'm still waiting for the Stella De Ora and Delphiniums to make an appearance - yours are looking good.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Beautiful blooms. I love the cranesbill geranium and the sun rose. Thanks for hosting this each week and sharing your flowers with us.


Ginger said...

Those columbines are just awesome!!

~~Rhonda said...

Jean, your garden looks beautiful. I envy your dianthus. I've never had good luck with them. The lupines are gorgeous! They don't do well in zone 6b where our garden lives. ~~Rhonda