Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Free!

It sure seems good to be able to drive and get out again. I'm certainly not used to sitting home. I did read 4 books tho and one was over 700 pages and small print.
Yesterday I decided to go to some estate and garage sales. I can never do that when I'm working unless they have an estate sale the first of the week. I found a couple small items. I also got the annuals I need for the containers I plant. I got this gardening book from the 40's for 70 cents
and this set of tiny gardening tools for 25. I don't know what I'll do with them but I knew I'd be sorry if I didn't get them.
I was very excited to find this copper strainer for my "kitchen" garden area. I can't wait until it gets a nice green patina.I also found this girl's shoe to go with my boy shoe. Since they are in such bad shape I don't mind putting them outside.
I found this picnic basket for 50 cents last year. There is a stump in this spot and it was really rotting so I got rid of as much as I could and moved this bench over. The bench is in bad shape too so I moved a climbing rose in front of it. Hopefully it will spread fast and cover the bench.
Then I filled a pot and put it in the basket. It should look cute once the pot fills in.
I also got this porch box at a sale last fall. I filled it with greens and set it on my steps for Christmas and now I have it filled with plants. It's a little too red to be near the house but works well in the back corner of the yard.
Tomorrow I'll start on the deck containers. I hope you're having a great weekend!


Susie said...

Hi Jean,
So glad you're able to get out and about! Loved seeing all your cute and whimsical touches in your garden. Those shoes are my favorite!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Hi Jean! You're garden looks wonderful! I love all the stump camouflage ideas! ((hugs)) Rosie

Naturegirl said...

Jean I simply LoVe all your creativity in your garden!! That copper strainer is just great and those darling shoes!! I also have shoes filled with baby tears in my has been an enjoyable visit! lots of inspiration! Thank you!! ng

Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Jean,
I love all of your whimsical containers! I think it's so much more fun to plant when the container is interesting. That old bench should look great with rose vines running across it.

Anonymous said...

Jean, your garden is so inviting. I would love to walk over and just sit. It's just beautiful!