Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Completed Dining Room

Today I'm going to show you my finished dining room. I just needed a little change and did most of it using a dollar box of wood and a dollar box of boxes that I got at an auction.Here is my book case with the tea cups.
The shadow box I made in memory of my Mom is centered over the book case. The cheese box with my childhood tea cups is on the right. A small collection of my chairs is on top with the chair and candle setting on some wood pieces.
I changed a little in my secretary but mostly added green candles and a green doily to bring the green color to the area.
I found this fern candle at Big Lots and have it setting on another wood piece with a large doily underneath. I really like the contrast between the wood and the doily. This is on my Great Grandmother's drop leaf table in the center of the room.

This is the other side of the room. The book case is to the right of the window.
I put the green cupboard door with the ferns that I made, in the corner.
The window with dried ferns is over the mantle piece. The collection of junk using wood pieces is on the left . A couple boxes from the box of boxes are in the middle. The picture is a view of Germany on glass that was from my Grandfather.
This grouping is on the right. The vase was my Mother's and the green material is a camouflage scarf from my Grandfather's Army uniform. There is another picture on a piece of baseboard on the wall.
An old crate holding a fern and the rocking chair I got at the auction.
That completes my dining room make over. I had fun using the stuff I bought at the auction. To see how I made or put things together, just click on the item and you will go the that post.I still have more windows and pieces of wood so we'll see where they turn up.


PEA said...

What a treat to see your whole dining room with all that you've made lately...it truly looks wonderful Jean!! xox

T*mmy said...

I love your collection of tea cup sets!
The whole room is lovely!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Love it all! A nice place to share a meal and conversation about MUMS :)And cute grandbabies...