Friday, June 22, 2007

A project

I've had this old cupboard door for several years. In fact, I had several, with drawers. I never used them so I got rid of all but this one at our last yard sale. My plan was to paint and antique the door and do something with ferns, which I love. The natural crackling was so great that I couldn't see any reason to paint and fake crackle. My ideas for the ferns wouldn't work with a green background so I was figuring out a plan B. I was not happy with any plan B I came up with!
This is what I decided to do. I mixed some extender (keeps paint wet longer) with one of my favorite colors to work with, sandstone.
Using a small roller, I painted the back of a fern frond. I picked a large and small one off each type of fern I have.
I laid the paint side down on the door, covered it with a paper towel and pressed it down gently.
Here's the finished project. It only took a very short time once I figured the process out. I'm quite pleased with it. I just leaned it against the dark green wall on the deck.
Here are a couple close-ups.
I love the lacy look of the ferns with the old look of the door. I did not varnish this project for a couple reasons. The main one being that if I get tired of it this way, a little elbow grease and hot soapy water and it will be a clean slate again. The door is outside but the deck is covered so it will not be in the weather.


PEA said...

You always amaze me with your brilliant ideas! That is so very neat what you did with that door!! I love it!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xox

RUTH said...

What a brilliant idea. perfect for someone like me who could never actually paint a fern (I'm totally unartistic).

Beth said...

I love your creativity. Beautiful!

"Early Bird" said...

You're a winner...come check it out!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

How beautiful! I made some garden stones and used a fern to make an impression in the stone, all I can say is your project turned out much better than mine did. :)

LostRoses said...

You not only grow beautiful ferns, but you've found a way to incorporate them into a piece of art. Fantastic!