Friday, September 07, 2007

Window frame

I've been having so much fun playing with the stuff I got at the auction. (If you clicked, I just sent you to my daughter's blog because I was having computer problems then so she posted my purchases) Mostly, I've been doing some small changes in my dining room.
This is the only small window that I got. Two panes of glass are missing (bottom left and right) but I kind of like it that way. These are real ferns that I put in silica for 24 hours to dry and then just used spray adhesive to stick them to the back side of the glass.
I used three different ferns that I have in my garden.
All I did to this window is scrub it down.
Since the wall color is creamy I didn't need any thing behind the ferns. I did use old linen tablecloth pieces for backing on another fern project because the walls were dark.
I'm quite happy with the outcome.


Muum said...

those are great! You are so clever!

PEA said...

I love it! You are so creative and I can't get over how you can look at a pile of auction stuff and visualize what you're going to make with it! lol Beautiful! xox

farmingfriends said...

You are so creative. This window is just lovely. Where do you get your ideas and your energy. Thanks for sharing. Sara from farmingfriends

Ruth Welter said...

Jean, the window looks great. I love what you can do with these beautiful old windows. Ferns look so pretty...great idea!! Love your mailbox too. : )

LostRoses said...

Jean, I love old window frames, and what a great idea to put dried ferns in the one you got. Very creative, and pretty too!

nannykim said...

Nice--looks pretty easy--but I am wondering where you got the gel stuff you soaked it in.