Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dining room

Here is another way I used my auction "stuff". This shelf is a cheese box that I got in the box of boxes. It says Blue Chip on the sides and appears to be for packages of blue cheese. The box is only about an inch and a half deep so I just hung it on the wall the long way. I cut an old stained hanky in half, corner to corner and laid it in the bottom. Inside are a cup and saucer from my childhood "Blue Willow"dish set, a flower cup and saucer made by my Mom's best friend in her 20's and a tiny tea set from "occupied Japan" one of my uncles gave me as a child. I also took down the shelf over my windows where I had my cup and saucer collection.
I moved them all into my Great Grandmother's book case.
It's a nice change. I like change, especially when it doesn't cost anything!
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PEA said...

I love what you did with that box and such precious treasures you displayed in it! You should have your own decorating magazine, you always come up with such wonderful ideas:-) Your tea cup collection looks perfect in your gran's bookcase...they will also collect less dust than from being on the shelf over the window! lol xox

LostRoses said...

Jean, I love the teacup collection in the cupboard, that really shows them off nicely. And happy blogiversary to you! If I do a post a week I'm lucky, so I really admire you bloggers who are so faithful to your readers!

Susie said...

Love your tea cup collection displayed in your Great Grandma's bookcase.
Your cheese box wall hanging is also very cute..

Zoey said...

The tea cups look great in the cabinet. I always find that when I change things around I appreciate them more. After a while you don't notice them if they stay in the same spot.