Friday, July 13, 2007

Mystery Trip

Have you ever wondered how Jerzie Shea got her name? Here's how it happened. One of her Mommy and Daddy's favorite movies is "Coyote Ugly" and a girl in the movie was named Jersy. Tabatha really liked the name and so did Kim. All they needed was a middle name and well, my son loves sports. He especially likes the New York Mets.

The Mets play ball at, you guessed it! Shea Stadium! Shea Stadium is in New York City and is going to be torn down soon. They are building a new stadium in the parking area. Naturally, Jerzie HAD to go to Shea before it was torn down!
The kids are leaving for NYCity later today. They have tickets to a game tomorrow night. Daddy and Jerzie will be going to batting practice in the afternoon and hopefully getting autographs for Jerzie(?).

Jerzie's first birthday is next week so Daddy has written to the Mets in hopes of getting "Happy Birthday, Jerzie Shea" put on the jumbo tron sometime during the game!

Mommy and Daddy were originally going to a game for their honeymoon. They were married in October so had to wait until the summer. By summer Mommy was very pregnant so the trip was put off again. Since Jerzie has "watched" the Mets play ball from the time she was born this is the perfect trip for all of them.I think she's yelling at the umpire here!

The two guesses when I asked this question here were both the same and not even close! Sorry girls! Did you have a guess that you didn't post? How close were you?
Edit: Happy Birthday Jerzie Shea was on the jumbotron during the game!


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Loved hearing about Jerzie got her name! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

OldBagNewTricks said...

She looks FAB-ulous in Mets-wear!!! I'd have never guess Shea Stadium in a million years! Love the story how she got her name... The name Jerzie is very dear and versatile. We're home to Riverfront Stadium (I guess that's what they still call it now that it is new.)Clearly, my grandson is quite lucky his dad is NOT a sports fan. Kai Riverfront lakes a certain ring. LOL


Tabatha said...

Jerzie's dad and I actually both loved the movie Coyote Ugly when we met and the lead character's name in the movie is Jersey. We were reminded of this name while I was pregnant at Kims best friends aunts house around Christmas time. She had a note on the wall that said "Jersey" on it and so I told Kim that was the name I wanted if she was a girl. He was not all for it at first, but I convinced him easily. The name was actually the dogs name, which we didn't find out till long after Jerzie was born. Shea was all Kims decision, I had Rae picked out and I agreed to Shea since they were so close to sounding the same.