Monday, July 09, 2007

Fashion show

Last week I went shopping for a new outfit to wear to my class reunion. I thought I would show you the outfits I ended up with and see if you could help me decide which ones to wear. Both nights will be pretty casual dress.
This is a very summery outfit and probably quite comfortable for an August night.
I really like the colors, the ruffles in the skirt and the light glitter on the top.
This one is also very summery. It might get a little cool in the evening with bare shoulders.
I do love the lace and flower details on the matching capris. This outfit also came with matching sandals but they are a size too big.
I love this bright green color and a jean skirt is good for almost any occasion.
The little flowers on the skirt really make it special.
I really do love this ensemble!
The matching hat is just perfect! I'm not usually a fan of black but I do like the polka dots.
All the detailing is just wonderful and the capris are the perfect length.
Even without the hat it makes quite a statement, don't you think?
I actually didn't buy myself anything that day but couldn't resist the deals. I paid under $30. for all 4 outfits. Jerzie is taking a very special trip with her Mommy and Daddy next weekend and I think she may be the most fashionable baby around! You'll never guess where she's going!

Disclaimer: No babies were tortured in the process of this fashion show. Jerzie doesn't mind changing her clothes and I didn't do it all at once.


PEA said...

Omigosh, she's so adorable in ALL the outfits!!! She makes quite a delightful model! hehe Hmmmm, are they going to Disneyland?? Now you have me curious! lol xox

Dawn said...

I've been waiting for this little show!
Somebody had toooooo much fun here.

No Rain said...

I've tagged you to participate in the meme, Seven Random Things About Me. My blog has the rules. Hope you participate!

OldBagNewTricks said...

This makes perfect sense -- to go shopping for you yet come home with a fabulous stash of new outfits for this entirely adorable baby. And such great deals! And it looks like she might be going to Disney World. Yes?