Thursday, July 12, 2007


Welcome! That's what all theses pictures from the garden tour said to me. This door and walkway look like they have been here for ever. Makes me want to walk right in!
I love the simplicity of this, especially the wreath and mail box.

These steps are all stone with stones lining the sides. A lot of work, I'm sure, but well worth it. You just have to walk up them to see where they lead.
I just love brick paths. The moss and discolorations just make it more interesting to me.
This log home where the "crooked garden"is looks like it is out in the country. It's really inside the city limits. Doesn't it look inviting?What a great spot to take a rest. Just sit and enjoy the garden.
Now that's what I call a garden gate! Amazing, isn't it?


PEA said...

I so love that garden gate too!! Loved seeing all your pictures, the homes certainly are very inviting and I just can't get over all the makes me realize I need more around my house! lol xox

cityfarmer said...

NOTHING like a garden walk....our home was on one a few years back...
a great pleasure...but alot of stress

Lallee said...

What an incredible garden tour! These gardens certainly are inspiring. I've really enjoyed your pictures....and Laurie's, too!