Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I told you I like ferns!

When I went through my garden tour pictures I found I had a lot of fern pictures. I told you I like ferns!

Some of you saw these hands on Laurie's blog but look at the ferns in front of them.
This little area surrounded with rocks has some Japanese painted fern.
I loved this fence. We think it was made from willow branches. It is a great backdrop for the rhododendron and fern.
This fern really fascinated me. I've never seen one like it.
This potted bright green plant really brightened up a dark area,
Have you ever seen anything like this one?
A hanging pot with a combination of plants.
Even the ugly corners of this garden were beautiful!


Zoey said...

I like ferns, too (but I don't have any). It look like these people did a good job in a very dark shady area.

kris said...

I love ferns too - I especially like the hands sculpture!

RUTH said...

I do like ferns; there are so many different forms..I have some japanese painted in my small collection and they are lovely and so reliable.

PEA said...

Ferns always bring such wonderful memories for gran had quite a few large ferns in her house. She had them in big pots and they sat on a high stool and the fern would just drape over it. I've got 2 different ferns I've started growing so hopefully they'll do well:-) Loved all your pictures! xox