Sunday, June 24, 2007


Since I just did a fern project and said how I love ferns, I thought I would do my Green Thumb Sunday post on ferns.
I love this fern. I seem to go for any plant that has a burgundy color. This Japanese Painted fern fits right in. It only grows 12 to 15 inches but has a big impact because of it's beautiful color.
Autumn Fern is another colorful fern. Click on it to enlarge and you can see burgundy, golds, and rusts. It's a larger fern (up to 24 inches) and it's leaves are quite shiny.
This is a traditional American Maidenhair fern. The first 2 are the only ferns that I purchased and these others I either dug up in the woods or just happened to grow in my shade garden
Can you see the slight difference between these two? I like the effect of one seeming to grow from the other.
This fern seems to grow wild here. It is not in a clump like the others but will just sprout a stem or two here and there. As you can see it is a brighter green than the others, too.
Ferns form the back drop for most of my shade garden.
I didn't realized until I did my fern project that I take these plants for granted, especially the solid green ones. Do yourself a favor and really look at your ferns. Notice the many shades of color, the lacy delicate shapes and the elegance of all the different types. If you don't have any maybe you should think about getting some.


Michelle said...

Really lovely. Ferns are a favorite of mine and are also one of my favorite pass along plants. We have some that started at my husbands cabin on a lake and have been at four houses so far, and hopefully will go to our children's houses when they grow up.

RUTH said...

Great ferns! My Japanese painted are doing well this year which I'm really happy about. Happy GTS

Mark said...

Do you like ferns then...I think one of the benifits of them is you can plant them and leave them to get on with it, giving you a nice bit of green in a difficult place.

Cheers Mark

"Early Bird" said...

I've always thought ferns are very beautiful! I saw lots of them growing wild in the mountains but failed to get any pictures.

Sara said...

What a lovely array of ferns you have. I bought two for under my apple tree. one flourished and the other did not survive.
Sara from farmingfriends

MrBrownThumb said...

Great ferns thanks for the post on them.

Happy GTS

Beth said...

The ferns are so delicate and yet bold. A great backdrop for just about anything, I supposed. You've convinced me -- I need some ferns!

Laurie & Chris said...

Love all of your ferns. I've seen all of those varieties somewhere before. By the way, I really love your GTS logo.

Guess who?

Lynn said...

My fern garden is the newest one. We have been building up the varieties for two years now.
I don't give it the same attention I give the other gardens, because nothing that is a big deal (like weeds) ever happens there.
I love your ferns.
Thanks for coming by

Tabatha said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have fun spending it with your grandaughter all day!!! See you soon!!!

Dawn said...

Love the ferns......but I wanted to wish you a very HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!

sa said...