Tuesday, July 10, 2007


My daughter and I went on a secret garden tour over the weekend. We have gone for several years and always enjoy it. Laurie is showing one garden each day so I thought I would do something different. Today I'm going to show you things that made me smile, or in some cases laugh.
I like birds and seem drawn to concrete statues so I really liked this one.
This cat surprised me! It has very blue eyes and for a minute I wasn't sure if it was real or not.
I not only like this frog but enjoy the 2 metal bugs sitting on the rocks.
This chair is unbelievable! Can you tell what it is?
This closer look might help. It's a peacock! I'm pretty sure it is also a very expensive antique. I don't think I would like one but it sure made me smile.

We were told the neighbor to this garden was cutting down trees. The garden owner liked this piece of the tree and searched for the stone to make a table. You sure can't move things around with a table like this!
This happy Buddha made me chuckle.
Frogs almost always make me smile. This one should have a "Beware of the Frog" or "Attack Frog"sign nearby by the looks of it!
Now this is a content frog. Looks like he's ready to take a jump.
I laughed out loud when I saw this. Fess up all you gardeners out there! I'll bet you've all said "I don't remember planting this"! I know I have, more that once.

These were my all time favorite! There were several of these around this garden. I love Jack-in-the-pulpit and the patina on these is wonderful!
I hope I made you smile!
Now go check out Miss Flower for more secret garden tour pictures.


Lallee said...

What a fun garden. That is one angry looking frog. LOL I have said "I don't remember planting this." But more times I've said, "What is this that I planted????" I hope you're right about my ajuga. I planted it where it could spread some, and then I'll try to keep it in check. I do the same with mint in my backyard.


PEA said...

I absolutely love it when people put all kinds of ornaments like those amidst their flowers!! And oh yes, I certainly have often said...what's that doing here, I don't remember planting that"! lol With all the statues around, I can well imagine your uncertainty about the cat! hehe xox

kris said...

Fun - nice complement to Laurie's post! I love the jack-in-the-pulpit in the last photo - I'd like to see that in my garden!!

Susie said...

I always look for fun things like this for my garden. That peacock chair is really unusual!

RUTH said...

The things that mad you smile made me smile too. Thanks for sharing them. I especially like those metal bugs and the "I don't remember planting this" sign.

Zoey said...

I would have never guessed a peacock. My first thought was an anteater, but the chair was too big. Amazing how they made that!

That first frog looks like quite a grouchy old guy, doesn't he? LOL