Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bat controll

I've talked to 2 different professionals about bat control. The first one (that gave me the $950. bid) said that they would seal up any places the bats may be coming in. Since I never had bats until my deck was added 9 years ago I thought I would focus on that area. The second pro told me to seal things up with foam sealer so yesterday I sealed the deck roof area where it is attached to the house. When the sealer is good and dry I will cut away the excess. I will be having the house painted next year so that should cover it up. My son-in-law feels the bats are getting in the windows that are open so I worked on them next. I have old fashion wooden storm windows that I remove so I can open windows. I then use window screens but when the windows are opened it causes a space between the windows. I cut strips of foam
and stuck it in the open spaces. Since I live in the city I only open 3 windows on the second story on the back of the house. It doesn't look too pretty but at this point I don't care. No one but visitors to my house sees it.
Both professionals were working on the premise that I have bats in the attic of my house. One told me to go on "bat patrol" so that's what I did. I didn't work late the last 2 nights so I went out in the yard at dusk (about 9) and watched the louvers located in the attic in the front and back of the house. I also watched the chimney. I stayed out for about an hour both nights and did not see any bats coming from my house. I'm going to take the "glass half full" attitude and conclude that I have bat proofed my house. All I can do now is wait to see if another bat gets in the house! Now doesn't that sound like fun? I guess I can handle it to save the kind of money the pros were talking about!


"Early Bird" said...

I'm tellin' ya'll we should all be in the varmit removal biznis!!
Hey...stick some foam in those winders I would not care how it looks as apposed to a bat coming in while I tried to sleep!

Deb said...

This reminds me of the night, my husband and I woke up to a bat flying around our room. I was horrified! My brother drove all the way over with a badminton racket. We never left the window open without a screen after that.
Good luck!

PEA said...

Yuck, don't blame you for not wanting more bats in the house! Isn't it ridiculous, though, what they are charging for bat removal? Sheesh! I think you may have bat proofed your home yourself:-) xox

Laurie & Chris said...

Mom ~ Guess i'll probably have to hang up my "BATMAN" costume. You probably won't need me anymore.
Your Favorite Son~in~law!!

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

I am having visions of a grown man running around in a batman suit!! :) Maybe if you put up some bat houses outside and plug the holes where they're getting in you'd have good insect control without nighttime visitors. THAT would NOT be fun!!