Friday, June 08, 2007


The one thing that frustrates me every summer are pests! As most of you know I've been catching chipmunks (4) and squirrels(3) already this year.

I turned my fuchsia around the other day and found sawdust on the one side. I saw this this am when I was watering plants on the deck. Not a good sign!

Neither is this. Can you see the hole in the wood? It's at the end of the 2x6 (enlarge pic to see better). That is the work of a carpenter bee. They drill perfect holes in the wood, turn 45 degrees, drill several inches more and lay their eggs. I've had them in my shed before but not on the deck.
Yesterday morning I discovered this. These were daisies! Something, either a woodchuck or a rabbit, had a great meal on me! I haven't seen a woodchuck this year so I'm guessing it was rabbits.
I can handle the daisies because I know they'll come back, but I'm real upset about this. This was one of the new colors of coneflower. It is either yellow or sunset which is more orange. I bought a plant of each last year and put them in this holding area until I decided where I wanted them. At least there is a bud left.
This is the other one, just stems. I'm hoping that the plant will at least survive even if it doesn't flower.
And lastly for the worst pest of all!
Have you ever been woken up at 2 in the morning by a bat flying past your head? Believe me when I tell you it is not a pleasant experience, especially when you live alone! (Sorry, no picture!) I usually call my son-in-law when I get a bat in the house but the last couple times it has been the middle of the night. The last time I opened the front door and watched the bat fly out. Last night after 2 hours of watching it was still in the house. I finally closed my bedroom door and tried to sleep. I'm guessing that's what the bat is doing now, somewhere in my house! I made a couple calls to pest control business this morning. I got an estimate of $950. from one company and another is coming next week. I found out that they can't touch them during certain weeks when they are having their babies in June. I can't wait to come home from work tonight and have round 2 with a bat!


"Early Bird" said...

My goodness...what about screens on your windows?
I have a horror of bats, gal I would be freaking!!
As for the flowers...they are so pricey nowadays and to have them ate by wildlife is a bummer...our groundhogs have pretty much been rustled up and deported by the next door neighbor who set a live trap of her landlady has since told me they have one for us to use if ever needed again...I wish I had known that....

cityfarmer said...


We live by a river and we have river knats....AND bats.....
Not a good scene....we've had two incidents where a bat flew in our house

Susie said...

You'd hear me screeching from here to there and back again if a bat ever got in my house! Yikes!!
How on earth do they get in? Block that window or something Jean!!
We do have the carpenter bees, squirrels, raccoons, and assorted other pesties though!!

RUTH said...

Oh dear your garden does have a lot to contend with. When I think of pests in my garden I just mean slugs, snails and lily beetles...I shall be more thankful in the future.

Zoey said...

I feel so sorry for you. I don't know how I could sleep if I was alone with a BAT! I hope you find it soon.

I have never heard of a carpenter bee. My goodness what damage they do! Maybe they don't live in Michigan? I hope not.

Anonymous said...

First time reading your blog.
We have an occasional bat at my work. Usually every August we'll see at least a couple. It is a big building. They get perched asleep on the walls. I have only see one fly once.
I would totally freak out if one was in my house, at night!! Good luck to you!
My coneflower never makes it, too many bunnies.