Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring '99?

I spring cleaned my bedroom today. I'm not sure what year I'm on but I'd guess 1999! I'm not one of those fall and spring cleaning people. I'm more of a "Oh my gosh, that's GROSS!" kind of people. I'll bet I'm not the only one! Come on, fess up!
Anyway this is my purple bedroom. You can't really tell the color in most of these pics but it is dark purple and it's sponge painted. The bed is a three-quarter bed that I got at a household sale. I would rather have this bed in my room but it is a lot bigger.

The cedar chest came from my Grandmother.

I love the picture over my bed. It came from a clearance table at Kirkland's. The shelf and picture are Home Interior and the angel, Kirkland's clearance table again.

I switched these two dressers around and I will hang the mirror once I'm sure I like it this way.

I don't normally cover a window like this but it will help save my sanity! Look at the next picture and you'll see why.
This is the view out my window. They actually cleaned some of it up last week and the landlord took 3 bags of pop cans that were on the stoop yesterday! I do not live in a ghetto, really I don't! These are the neighbors that have given me trouble before and when the snow is gone, if it isn't cleaned up, I will report it. I'm just so tired of fighting with these people that I am trying to "turn the other cheek". Maybe I won't get so upset if I can't see it! I bought this frame with the glass missing real cheap at Burlington Coat Factory. I used an old linen tablecloth for the background and some stuff from my garden and had a new glass cut.
This is a tray from my Mom. The picture is on a ceramic like substance and there is a silver edging on it. I kept it because I thought it was pretty and it's perfect in here.
Last but not least, my computer station. This is the only place for it now that I don't use the upstairs.
Hopefully I will get real ambitious and continue my 1999 spring cleaning. I better hurry because once I can get outside I'll be doing the spring cleaning in the gardens. Now that's cleaning that I enjoy!


PEA said...

What a beautiful room and I just love the furniture and wall hangings!! I decluttered early in the year but haven't started my Spring cleaning yet...I'll only get in the mood when it warms up and I can open the windows!!!'re in Spring '99...I think I'm still working on that one too! lol xox

Beemoosie said...

Yeah, I am more of the "creative" type...spring cleaning...bah!!!! LOL!! Although, when I go on Easter break, MY bedroom will get an overhaul, maybe a coat of paint too!