Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick change!

I decided to change my candle stand in the living room today. I've been thinking about it far awhile. I don't mind all different wood tones together but this cabinet just wasn't right with the other furniture. It stands between two doors and is the perfect size for that spot. You can see in this post what it looked like. I based it all a light tan. When I decided to do something I want to do it NOW, so I just mixed some paint I had until I got the color I wanted.
When that dried I put some crackle medium on it. I usually use a dark background when I crackle but it seemed too old country with a dark first coat.
When the crackle medium was tacky I painted with a cream color.
Within a couple minutes it was doing it's thing. I just love this look and it's so fun to watch.
You can see the difference in the colors once it starts to crackle.
The whole process only took a couple hours and I'm really happy with the finished piece. It's the same color as my TV cabinet so it looks more like it belongs in here now
I might look for some different knobs but these will do for now. They are quite small so it may be hard to find something.
What do you think? Do you like the crackle finish? Ever do it yourself?


PEA said...

Oh Jean, what a terrific job you did!! I LOVE the crackle look...I've always admired that but never realized it was that easy to do! After seeing what it originally looked like, I do prefer the way you have it looking now:-) Great job!! xox

Dawn said...

I like this. I have tried it on small things and had a time of it looking just right. You have the technique down, Jean.

cityfarmer said...

I do this for a living and yese it's a thrill everytime!!!looks great

david santos said...

Hello, Jean!
All in you blog is very nice. Thank you
Have a good weekend

Beemoosie said...

I love it! I have not been brave enough to paint furniture of any kind!!! You did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

heck no, I just have a bunch of old stuff that looks like that naturally. I tried to give you some of it but you said you didn't want any junk! Thanks a lot, your loving brother.