Thursday, February 15, 2007

Best friends???!!!!

These have become my best friends the last couple days! I don't use my "snow thrower" very often (It's electric and more work to get out the cord than it is to shovel, sometimes) but when I saw this on my sidewalk yesterday morning I knew I would have to get out the big guns! We got 4 or 5 inches more during the day. In the afternoon the plow went thru and the end of the driveway was past my knees and at least 4 feet wide.
Between the snow thrower and a shovel I got it done. Above is the left side and below is the right. The hard part now is lifting and carrying the snow and finding somewhere to put it. My great neighbor yelled at me yesterday for blowing my snow onto her property. I assured her if I got snow on her sidewalk I would be sure to shovel it. The funny thing is I quit letting them share my driveway last spring because the landlord (her sometime boyfriend) plowed her side of the drive and left the snow behind my car last year. I ended up having problems with them all summer. He even tried to shut down my beauty shop and called the cops telling them that I broke her car windshield.. He doesn't deal well with anyone telling him no. It didn't take long for the cops and the city people to see who the real trouble maker was.
I'm standing in the road here so you can see how high this 5ft 2in old lady has to lift the snow!
Today is actually a beautiful day. It has stopped snowing and the sun has been shining most of the day although it is still only 9. Sure could be worse some places in New York have 11 to 12 feet!


Susie said...

Your neighbors don't sound too "neighborly"
That is way more snow than I've ever seen in one place at one time!!

Zoey said...

Wow, Jean, you sure got a lot of the white stuff.
I hope you are staying inside and keeping warm.

That's a cute valentine you have. :)

Kentucky Gal said...

Hey...this looks just like my neighborhood!!!
I told Hubby we need to invest in one of those snow blower thingies!!

PEA said...

We haven't had to use our snowblower once this that's unusual! lol We usually have as much snow as what you have right now but this year we just have enough to cover the ground. We might have about an inch or two. It sure is bitterly cold though...I just came back from bringing my mom out for dinner and shopping and the wind actually stung. I'm still trying to thaw out! lol Hugs xox

Beemoosie said...

whew! what a lot of work! Hope you spoiled yourself with a hot cuppa and a warm blankie after all that!