Friday, September 10, 2010


I wrote a post here about finding a Nun doll I had when I was a child. I had a couple other dolls from this grocery store bonus buy and when I was out junking I found another one, the bride. I got her for 10 dollars. I can't really remember what other dolls I had but I'm pretty sure when I see one I'll remember.

I did find some others that were still in their boxes but they didn't look familiar. I really don't want a collection of these dolls, just the ones I had.

I also found a couple games we had as kids, at household sales. Jerzie loves to play Tiddly Winks but we haven't tried Pick up Sticks yet.

Isn't it scary odd how we revert to our childhood as we grow older? I'm okay with it as long as my mind doesn't move backwards! Are you like me? Are you on the look out for items from your childhood?


Becca's Dirt said...

Oh yes Jean. I want the thumbilina doll I had. I remember the paper dolls too - I had tons of paper dolls and would make new clothes. Fond memories - and let us not forget the Barbie. Pick up stix were fun too. My granddaughter has the my bride doll. The doll is now probably 45-48 years old now and still in the same bridal head piece. She wears a new gown now but the same headpiece. I do like to stroll sometime.

I received the seeds and thank you. I'm looking forward to my spring gardens now. Fall not so much for gardening for me - just a few things.

shannon i olson said...

I had dolls like that too!! I wonder if I still have any around.....hmmm
I would love if you would consider joining me on my new Story tellers meme, it runs Wednesdays and child hood memories are a great thing to write about. Check it out if you have time, we will be on week 3 this WEd.