Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Gettin' Froggy!

I've been adding to my flower frog collection , one piece at a time, all summer.
On Sunday I decided to take a drive and check out a barn sale I saw advertised. A couple have been having sales for 50 years.

I loved this old butcher block! It probably would of come home with me if I had a place for it.

You name it and they had it! I spent quite a while there and got rewarded for my time.

I got this pottery frog (my first) for 2 dollars.

I don't usually buy new, vintage frogs because I like the patina of a used one, this one was an exception. It has a candle holder on each side and directions on how to make a center piece with it. I couldn't find a date but the pictures on the directions look 50's or 60's.

These are a couple favorites.

I got this blue glass turtle and

this wire one from 2 different customers.

I decided to move them off the deck and into the kitchen for awhile.

I'm not looking for a huge collection but will pick up a unique one when I see a reasonable priced one.


Karen said...

Jean, I love your collection! The waterlily and turtle ones are beautiful.

I have looked for frogs at antique places and rummage sales and haven't had much luck yet; the one I did see was way out of my budget. You've inspired me to keep looking!

Dan@retrooregon said...

We love the barn sales, too! Pottery frogs seem to be the coolest of all. I like the colors and textures after they have been used.

Carol said...

Fantastic collection!!! Love the way you have it displayed.

Zoey said...

What a great collection, Jean. They look good displayed on your green cabinet. You have very interesting pieces. I am so envious!

Maria Berg said...

That is unusual to collect but always fun when you find something you like! MB