Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

I can't believe it's Tuesday already! Today I'm going to show you what is blooming and reblooming in my garden this week.

The Stella D'ore are going pretty strong again. I wish all the day lilies rebloomed.

The Turtlehead is blooming now. I need to get some more white in my middle garden. Most everything this time of year is pink.

I only had one second bloom on my Clematis this season. I did deadhead it but the weather must have been too dry and hot.

The fall crocus came up this week. I checked last Mon and there was nothing. I don't like the large leaves that come up in spring but I do enjoy the blooms now.

The side garden doesn't look too bad. There are still Black-eyed Susans and balloon flowers plus the sedum. The green in front of the sedum is a mum but I don't remember the color.

I got this Cape Fuchsia last year. It's planted in mostly sun and this is it's second blooming.

This one is in all shade and it has bloomed all season. I never realized until last year that there are Fuchsia that are perennial in our area.

I have both in my shade garden. The cement bowl has annual Fuchsia and the middle right is the Cape Fuchsia.

Pumpkin blooms are still opening but any pumpkins that start are not making it. First it was too hot and dry and now it's too cool and wet. Feverfew is always blooming again and again.

The pumpkin vine has taken over the wheelbarrow covered with sweet peas. There are still false sunflowers and blanket flower blooming in this garden.

My Cosmos have gone crazy this year. They are actually too tall for me to photograph the blooms! I keep hoping they will reseed but they haven't the last couple years.

This yellow coreopsis has been blooming for awhile now. I like all types of this plant.
I can't seem to contain the blue cranesbill geranium. It's grown past the garden border and just keeps on going!

I haven't had red impatiens before. I love the way they look in this basket on a shady bench.
There you have it! That's what's bloomin' in Western New York. I'd love to see what's bloomin' where you are 'planted'. Leave your name, state and permalink on Mr Linky to join the fun. We like to see your blooms even if they aren't still blooming. Remember to add a link to this post so your followers can join the party or just enjoy the tour.

Have a happy Bloomin' Tuesday!


Racquel said...

You have lots of stuff still blooming Jean. I can't believe your Rudbeckia are still going strong. Mine have been done for some time now. But my Balloon flowers which took a break during the heat of summer are budding up again. I like that Cape Fuschia, the blooms are very pretty. Do the hummers like those tubular blooms? :)

Paula said...

I love that baske twith the red impatiens! It is glorious! What a fun idea to save in my file for next year.
Paula from Idaho

teresa said...

I never heard of fall blooming crocus. Ihad no idea they could arrive this late in the year. All of your flowers are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing blooming in my garden; however, I enjoy looking at your blooms. I really like your red impatiens. They look so nice on that bench.

Diana LaMarre said...

Your colchiums (fall crocus) look a lot better than mine. . . some bug ate them as they were popping up from the ground.

Every time I see the turtle head, I do a double take thinking it's a nice fat obedient plant. They look a lot alike.

Bonnie said...

Wow, your gardens still look wonderful. I have never heard of fall crocus before. I need to look into that.

Rosemary said...

You have so much in your garden still flowering beautifully. I am starting to put my garden to bed for the winter.

Alea Milham said...

Your garden is lovely as always, but I am particularly taken with the Fall Crocus!

agreenearth said...

Your garden looks so beautiful, my congratulations.

So sorry seem to have entered my post twice, didn't think the first entry had taken.