Monday, September 06, 2010

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Our weather has cooled and I am beginning to see signs of autumn in the gardens.
Some leaves are changing and falling and the spiders are making large webs that swirl into a circular home.

The Concord grapes on my one vine are turning purple and

Jerzie's little pumpkin has some shades of orange mixed with the green.
The Autumn fern also has a hint of gold and orange on some of it's fronds.

There are berry clusters on the Jack-in-the-Pulpit

and the Japanese lanterns are all shades of orange now.

It won't be long before the milkweed pods will be ready to burst open and spread their seeds.

The burning bush has just a hint of what's to come

but the Sundrops leaves are already bright red.

Even tho the sedums look great all season, they will be coming to their lovely pink peak any day now.
Are there hints of fall in your garden, too? Too bad by now I've lost my enthusiasm for gardening because the weather is perfect for it! If you would like to join our tour just add your name, state/country and permalink to Mr Linky. Remember to add a link to this post on your blog. Fall is my favorite season so I'm ready to get started and see what your garden looks like this time of year.


Karen said...

Oh, I know what you mean about waning enthusiasm for gardening, some days are harder than others to get to work in the garden.

Loved all the pictures of the change of seasons; Fall is almost here, and those cooler temps will feel great. Thank you for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday!

Racquel said...

Yep come this time of the year I am worn out from the heat of summer. I've been doing some early cleanup already. Fall is arriving in your garden quickly! :)

Darla said...

I believe a lot of us have burned up all our gardening energy...time for a rest and then back at it again. Very small hints of fall here.

Rosemary said...

Over the weekend our weather was very fallish. fresh cool temps with strong winds. Today back to summer with humidity and highs of 88 again.

Anonymous said...

When I saw your concord grapes it brought to mind the smell last weekend as we were riding through North East, PA. The smell made me thirsty for grape juice!

Ott, A. said...

Looks like your pumpkin is coming right along and should be ready in time for Halloween. Thanks for hosting this week, I was happy to be able to show off my sunflowers.

Zoey said...

I do love seeing all those fall colors. It looks like the girls will be able to carve their own jack-o-latern this year. What fun!

My garden enthusiasm is just about gone. I just hope I find the time/desire to cut everything down as that makes my spring garden work so much easier.

I am ready to hunker down and do some quilting!

Dan@retrooregon said...

Fall is my favorite season, too. My gardening juices are just about dry here. At least the weeds have slowed down.

shannon i olson said...

Oh so pretty, but it is almost over. I just realized, it says add your state....slow learner here, I will try to do better! I remember once hearing something about reading directions....oh well. ;-)

Dawn said...

The anemones you gave me look fabulous! Thanks!

See you in the morning...

Becca's Dirt said...

I am so ready for a change in the seasons. Yard was cut this weekend and you can tell which trees have leaves falling. I feel like I want to be like a bear and not come back out till spring but this is one of my favorite times of year.