Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music in the park

I took the girls to a kids concert in the park last night. I've taken Jerzie a couple times and she seems to enjoy it. They have a march around the park but I couldn't get pictures because I was marching with them. They also do the musical story, Peter and the Wolf and read books during intermission. You can read about my childhood memories of Peter and the Wolf here.Jerzie likes the way they play the trombones and would like to play one when she gets bigger.

She also wanted a picture of this cool car that stopped by.

I'm sorry to say that the music was not the biggest hit of the night. That honor went to ...

this beautiful white pet bunny on a leash!

We went over and petted it a couple times. Both girls love it!

If they ask for a bunny, Mommy and Daddy, you'll know why!


Becca's Dirt said...

They are precious petting the bunny. What a cute bunny too. I've never seen anyone put a leash on a bunny. Maybe Little Buddy needs a bunny. Heehee. That sounds like such fun with the kids to go to music in the park.

Darlene said...

How fun to go to music in the park. I wish they did something like that in my small town. We have a BEAUTIFUL park that it would be perfect in.

That bunny is BEAUTIFUL and I can see why the girls LOVED it. My daughter would have too!!!

Laurie and Chris said...

That car looks like the car Chris and I rode in on our wedding day.

The girls sure look happy petting the bunny! I think the NEED one =)

Anonymous said...

I miss Music in the Park in Warren. I'll be happy when they finish the construction so downtown events can return once again.

That white bunny is so cute. I bet it was so soft to the touch.