Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Promise you won't tell?

I returned to a household last Saturday hoping to get a couple items I liked for half price. Luckily the items were still there. I got this adorable watering can for 2.50. It has lots of rust but I like that. If I decide to put it out in the weather I won't feel too bad if it gets ruined.
I've seen a few doll cribs but never got them. This is the best one I've seen and I got it for 5 bucks.
Some friends of mine were working the basement and the garage and since it was the last day and they knew it would all go for a buy out, they offered me some great prices. I ended up with this set of casserole dishes plus extras for the girls play kitchen.

I've seen several tin doll houses lately but none as reasonable as this one. I got it for 12.50.

I love the look of the outside with the corner window.

The cut out shelves with knickknacks are between the kitchen and living room.

The living room is the dark area. Don't you love the brick patio with flowers?

The baby's room is on the end and the bathroom is between the 2 bedrooms. There was no furniture but that gives me something else to hunt for.

I also ended up with this old stroller and an awesome tin hutch.

I have to admit, I saved the hutch for myself! It's perfect in my kitchen with my small pitcher collection and some miniature tea cups.

As you can see by this picture, the drawer and bottom doors open. All the original hardware is in great shape.

There are even doilies painted on. We brought everything up from the basement and put it in the garage. I got my slip and went inside to pay. I got all of these wonderful treasures for 30 dollars!
Now don't squeal on my friends because I might want some great deals at the next sale!


Becca's Dirt said...

Did you get a big pick up truck to carry everything home in. You sure picked up a lot of neat stuff. I remember those doll houses. Love that watering can. Lucky you.

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Jean,
I love all the tresures you got, but that watering can made my heart skip a beat!!
Hugs, Ann

Anonymous said...

What beautiful treasures you found! Will you be coming to North Warren's Trash & Treasure Day? It will be held sometime in August.

Diana LaMarre said...

There you go again getting all those awesome deals! Love the watering can!

Yesterday I watched a 'pickers' marathon...not sure of the real name, but it's that antique buying show. I would not be surpised if they show up at your house one day! They would probably love to fill their van with some of your treasures!

Dan@retrooregon,com said...

I love the watering can, and the metal hutch! Things were made so much better back when. Don't let my wife see this! Good thing we are on the west coast.