Sunday, April 11, 2010


Since this is a record of my family, I want to write down a few more of our favorite Jerzie-isms.
(These pictures are from Columbus Day weekend 2009.)
She insists in calling a back pack a 'pack-pack'. We've explained it to her but it's still 'pack-pack', just like a washcloth is a 'cough-cough'.
If she has a finger nail that is peeling off, she says that she 'has a nail'.
Anything that didn't happen today happened 'last night'. It doesn't matter if it actually happened months ago. Every time we hear a Jerzie-ism we all look at each other and smile. This is just a small part of that makes Jerzie Jerzie. I can't wait to see what '-isms' Payton comes up with!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Jerzie is playing hide-and-seek.

Laurie and Chris said...

We love Jerzie-ism's. We catch ourselves saying them after we have spent time with her.