Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm not big on black clothes for a little girl but I couldn't resist this darling jumper. When I want a picture, Jerzie goes and stands by the frig because when she makes something we stick it on the frig to take a picture.I loved this cute winter scene made of beads and sequins. Not too much bling for Mommy but a little for Jerzie!
I also found black shoes on sale. Mommy has wanted a pair for awhile now.
I want to write down a few Jerzie-isms to show her when she gets older.
1. Every ones favorite was when she had a bug bite. She would put bug and itch together. "Gramma, I got a bitch!"
2.If she doesn't want to try something she says "I can't like that!"
3. She would also say "I can't want that".
4.She had a fake tattoo on her arm the other day and we were discussing it. She told me Mommy and Daddy each had a tattoo so I should have one too! I'm not quite ready for that yet!


Cedar ... said...

Cute! i really do like the jumper, every gal has to have some 'bling' even at jerzie's age!

Unknown said...

I'm not to keen on black for little ones either, although I have to agree that one is quite cute. Love her little sayings, and the tattoo thing, I just can't wrap my brain around them! My son has several and I hate the way my tummy feels everytime I see them.

The Smiths said...

I think we should write a book on Jerzie-isms before we forget about them, although they are pretty hilarious and hard to forget, lol

Laurie and Chris said...

Miss Jerzie looks so cute in her new dress.

I hope she knows how much joy she brings to all of our lives when she says her Jerzie-isms.

Unknown said...

Jerzie brings much joy to people she will never meet although enjoy the fact that ya'll so graciously share her with us. She is a doll.

Lallee said...

Oh how adorable~the outfit and the 'isms'. It is good that you are writing them down.