Friday, April 09, 2010


I dug thru our stash and came up with a cute table favor for Jerzie and I to make for Easter.First we painted some wooden flower pots to look like clay pots.
Payton even got into playing with the stash!
We filled the tiny pots with grass
and some little pearly eggs.
Next we glued a flocked pastel bunny to the top. The girls bunnies are in front because their pots are smaller.
We had our Easter dinner on Monday because I had to work on Sunday so Jerzie got to help. She picked the tablecloth and the napkins. Jerzie had kept out little secret so she was very proud for everyone to see our cute surprises.


Darla said...

So are making memories with those girls that will enrich their lives forever!

Heather said...

super cute idea!

Suzanne said...

I haven't seen a photo of the girls for awhile. They are really growing up. Such a cute project to do with them. They are so fortunate to have a grandmother so close! (The grandma is pretty blessed too!)

W. Latane Barton said...

Those are such cute favors and better than that, you two had fun making them and surprising everyone. Have a good day

Laurie and Chris said...

We love our favors. Glad Jerzie enjoys doing crafty things with you so much.


They are so cute (:)
~~your blog looks beautiful..
Am just strolling around blogland today ..
been awhile and am trying to catch up~